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A sudbury woman is recovering after being hit by a tree while using her snowblower carl stevens has the story it was yesterday morning a woman in her driveway were the snow blower getting rid of the latest gift from mother nature when neighbors heard a boom it was a tree weighted down with snow it fell on the woman this woman live next door spoke to wbz tv tiger screaming and wailing in things he was harry in his they went on for quite a laugh she was conscious when taken away and will survive what happened there was a reminder that with the heavy wet snow you need to be aware of what's around and what's above you karl stevens wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time nine thirty two president trump signs into action his controversial plan to increase tariffs on steel and aluminum imports we spoke to correspondent builds amfar allow what happens next well uh he's he's backing away on a lot of possibilities here are the announcement did come yesterday of a resume question whether other policy would be ready to go and would be ready to sign by then but the announcement was made yesterday afternoon i with exemptions for mexico and canada pending a nafta agreement now immediately canada said yeah the exemptions good but we're going to continue to push to have the tariffs dropped altogether mexico says the tariffs cannot be linked to nafta more than a hundred congressional republicans have spoken out against the tariffs senator orrin hatch says he hopes congress can block the move altogether silicon this morning we'll tell you what house of cards stranger things and the obamas have in common but first they'll vc news time nine thirty three time for traffic and weather together on this friday morning the subaru retailers of new england allwheel drive traffic.

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