Joe Biden, Sarah Fox, President Trump discussed on Free Talk Live


He's confident. I'm Lisa. Let Sarah Fox News. Former vice president Joe Biden says he's watching the tallies in the states that have not been called. And he says the numbers are trending in the right direction that will lead to a win special significance to me. Is that we won with the majority of the American people. Grand occassion is that the majority will grow. Of a popular vote lead of nearly three million votes. And every indication is that will grow as well. But Biden said he will not declare victory until all votes are counted. Though his team has launched a transition website. Fox News projects have Biden of six votes short of the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency. The Trump campaign has filed another lawsuit against the state that's still counting ballots on the heels of legal moves made in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The president's campaign has slapped the lawsuit on Georgia. Seeking to require several counties to identify ballots taken in after seven PM on election day. The Trump campaign is accusing a poll worker of adding unprocessed ballots to balance that were properly handled. The Democrats are seeing the Trump campaign's actions as a means of slowing the electoral college count. President Trump has often voiced his lack of trust in the security of mail in balance. GURNAL Scott Fox new campaign previously announced suits against Michigan and Pennsylvania and has called for a recount in the state of Wisconsin. The Fox News decision Desk and now project at Michigan Democratic Senator Gary Peters will survive a challenge from Republican John James to win a second term. Earlier today, main Republican Senator Susan Collins survived a tough challenge from Democrats Sara Gideon holding onto a seat that Republicans likely need to maintain the majority in the Senate. America is listening to Fox News. And now the lens of liberty. Here's Helen Kriebel. There's.

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