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Gera I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning in Denton the search continues for a toddler missing since yesterday afternoon okay are all these Allen's guy is in Denton he's been covering this story for us from there and he has the latest right now Alan yeah police fire and more than a hundred volunteers they've all been out searching at for this two year old since he disappeared yesterday was a mom who lives here near you and tia she said she put her two year old son to bed for a nap she went to check on about two o'clock yesterday afternoon but he was gone and so police they've been out here ever since they've shut down the street in front there apartment complex police firefighters and they say more than a hundred volunteers about looking for this two year old all star bash around his name some volunteers they started showing back up this morning but they say they were turned away I am in the past hour we've seen a lot of police coming and going from the apartment complex along with an ambulance in a fire truck a police say they're about to give us an update on the search so we may have some new information coming up at eight o'clock live in Denton Alan Scott newsradio to maybe care will be Alan thank you is now seven thirty two CBS news update there's danger brewing inside detention centers housing thousands of illegal immigrants in Texas that's the conclusion of a government watchdog report CBS is Maria Villarreal inspectors visited a five border patrol facilities along the southern border a are concerned with overcrowding and they say prolonged detention is creating this immediate risk to both the health and the safety of the migrants and also the agents inside conditions at the centers drew protests around the country yesterday including this one in Southfield Michigan right this man demonstrated in New York more funding to hold children in detention ages for children ages a.

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