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Play K CBS radio. Going to ask our traffic expert to weigh in right now can vessel in your local Honda dealers Traffic center. How about a kid, But I think it's a good time to check the ride to the Bay Bridge out of San Francisco. Last time we checked, it was starting to back up on North bound, Wanna won, And now we want to give you heads up because there's a hazard on the bridge. This update brought you by lucky. And Lucky California getting calls from the case because phone force that there was ah, medium sized dog on the bridge running around the upper deck westbound before the toll plaza so right at the beginning of the span there in and near the left lane that no confirmation on whether the dog has been the Ah, you know, caught or not, so you don't want to have that kind of disaster there and then we get the usual slowing, leaving the city on north bound. Wanna one from just after Cesar Chavez, and you'll stay below the limit on the eastbound 80 Skyway. Travis just move along at a good clip there on the lower deck to the shore, and that's where it Boggs down again. You're eastbound ride slow, moving a lot of congestion in the MacArthur maze and then eastbound. Interstate 80 is very heavy between the maze and at University Avenue. Westbound also slow and stretches earlier stalls and accidents. There are out of the way and then looks like pretty standard issue driving conditions on the eastbound Interstate 80 ride into Richmond. And once you get to the car, Keenest bridge traffic is wide open earlier injury accidents westbound at the cockiness Bridge Toll Plaza is completely cleared. No longer any delays in that direction. Lucky and Lucky, California make sure the world's greatest food is well within your budget. With low prices for Taco Tuesdays, Fridays every day Right now yellow or white nectarines.

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