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Technology in particular. Because we're not so far removed from the nineteen eighties that we think of those things as antiques. So therefore there's not a lot of work in preser- preserving them but we're far enough outward. Nobody wants to hold onto them anymore. So was was that a challenge to you to find things that could incorp could live in that early. Eighties setting not as hard as you think. Pro I think pigeon mostly just because thank God for sales in Atlanta being a good estate sale city I've worked in other cities. Where you just don't you know they just don't operate like that. They don't I don't know how people get rid of their stuff after they've passed. I don't know but Atlanta's good about it There are other like I've done other movies. I did a movie That lose a news station set in the seventies And that's one of those like there's already not a ton of like news broadcast station equipment out there not like old nintendos and things but and then it was so fragile it was sort of like just that first wave of electronic Technology in the old analog stuff from the fifties was you know you can get that kind of stuff But that's but getting stuff that worked. That was that sort of that That first generation plastic electronic disposable almost like a technology is was harder but Fortunately for you know sears catalog days. A lot of Americans all had the same stuff and enough people held onto her pack. Rats that we could kind of curate and go through and find everything we needed. I went to a panel with The Art director from stranger things and he talked a little bit about the Process of identifying the different the different types of of fabrics and the different color schemes. That we're going to be important and how you know certain certain houses. We're GONNA look like they were more of a holdover from maybe they'll mid to late seventy s and some were a little bit more modern in the sense of the early eighties and And then also was really interesting to me. This idea of you know you're not just you're not just creat created a huge pile of stuff from general era. You actually have to give each of these places its own personality. Well that's yet. There is a I tell people story. One of our accountants came to me after. We're up in filming the first week or so on stage and She said you know Jess I saw your sets. They look really great. Gosh like is this since the eighties. And they look very seventy s to me. And you know. And it's one of those like not every socioeconomic group is GonNa just instantly have you know. Yeah from like that sears. Catalog that year. It's all it's more of a you know. When did they build the House win? Would they have renovated or was there? You know what did they have the means to update the carpet wallpaper? Whatever can think it through Each character having its own sort of storyline with their home to keeping everything consistent. I mean that is clearly very important. If you WANNA establish things like a the a believable character it would be weird to go into a home of a person who was presumably Just scraping by and you see what appears to be a brand new apple two GS in the background. It's a couple grand where that money for that. Yeah Yeah so Was there anything in particular that you either of you? That you think was really interesting or really. Cool a something that you had not anticipated That you know that's like your go to like you know if people are asking you. What was it like like well? Let me tell you this particular thing that I was really excited about. Whether it was something that turned out the way you expected that the beginning or something that completely went a different direction getting getting invited back to season two. That was. That's good. That's good I think if you were able to take all of those Christmas lights and make them light up individually that's a really good start I don't know I don't I mean that's why I was thrilled to be here today. And astronaut come to because for me that sort of like a collaborative overlap My thing and he knows well as that like today in film Like everyone loves. Led lights lighting even if they're trying to even if it is like period or they want it to look You know period. They still kind of fall back on. Led's because they're easier to control insurer. And I kind of hate them so I'm coming around to some of them but anyway have them. It's have our electrical department. Have the patience to Kinda like really do it right and work with the older technology and and you know that that was a long process. But the fluorescent fixtures lots oh yeah. That's another fluorescent period. Of course and hardly Newman stocks fluorescent ballasts that we had replaced hundreds of malice well in high schools and Mel Vaults and all over Georgia. We replaced ballast. Wow that's that's a big undertaking. That was awful. Yeah but it but it pays off on screen because it does give you that like. That's why it feels like it was made at the eighties is because it has all of this this love and care behind it and you can see that rolling out through other projects that are clearly Following that same philosophy. I mean Stephen. King's it coming out like I think the look of it owes an awful lot to stranger things. has a very similar kind of of feel to it for that that. I mean it's amazing to me that they went ahead and decided to set the adult story in modern day which conveniently made the children's story set in the eighties and so there are a lot of parallels there But it's funny because of course stranger things. Also you could tell has a little bit of the influence. Stephen King is certainly in the stranger things universe as well. So it's kind of feeding in on itself it's Collaborative and cooperative as well as competitive process. I'm sure so. Were there any particular sets that you really liked working on or any that you really did not like working on I don't John. I probably will have different responses but I mean the buyers house is one of the It's like its own sort of character that we you know. At least we shot it in a for the most part chronological order because we really literally destroyed it completely As we went and Joyce ripping things apart and monster smashing things and I will say it was. It was towards the end of it when all the Christmas lights were up in half pulled down and it was a absolute nightmare for the shooting. Crew for a boom operator to operate in that setting was just like it's You know it's everyone's getting tangled and It was yeah it was truly a it was a it was kind of fun to watch it progress but it was a it took a lot of patients. They're not not every shooting crew. Cut Out to kind of handle that that setting i. It's my least favorite was the high school because we had again. We had to go in and replace every fluorescent most of the balanced in there and then towards the end of it when they had that seem eleven in the monster everything starts to go crazy and flickers. We had to take everything out and we reinstalled our own. Led Strips throughout the school. So it could make everything flicker on and off work as a lot of work and it wasn't even just Elliott tubes. It was like Sarah soldering again. I would see that you know you guys were on location in some old classroom. Putting led strips in twos. Or whatever you were doing. Yeah that was well what was what was it like working in. Did they the facility? Wasn't that set in an old building. Emery Hawkins lab was that experience. I'm.

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