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That are going to their heads go they commit crimes that are already on the statute books but i mean era keenly talked to people goods say that you know hate speech we can't have hate speech which doesn't exist and as you said you know in your intro there is no reason that we have written lent protection to milk people don't understand us in that is not to protect my speech yes it is to protect the most over from speech that is out there in when we criminal adhering that stuff it doesn't mean that you know we should take this away because it will incluence other people and make them bad people entire purpose of the first amendment is to protect the speech over repulsive knuckle dragging mouth breathing psychopaths like those who run the daily store so michael what is the answer here because we have we've come into a country that is now so fearful that i think that reason has shut down and and and so people are not in a place where they can say you know what i mean let's look at the kind of can i confess take it from another angle everybody has an opinion very few people have a different perspective um and uh that's important that we look at things was perspective we're we it feels too good to say the nazis and and to far should be shut down to the average person how do you make the chaos no killed grigg cook cook took it or not too should be shut down i want them shut down and i want to shut down and to bake i don't want to shut down by companies or by the government and what i often mirror is comparisons as i just said to european countries and i'll give you one that that is actually quite helpful the german from you know in the demarcation process that's from could it thank you 45 any other until i would say you know the american occupation ended it was a helpful fan going to be a good thing and i understand the instinct to ban um nazi symbols to them might come to ban county rhetoric independencia affiliated parties i mean the been trying to ban the npd which is a sort of get a post nazi party for quite a long time in their pointed to as a success story because.

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