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I guess we won't let's talk about. Let's talk about Jim Brown will argue about Jim Brown. Will you're on CBS sports radio. Sure. Bill, thanks for taking my call. Again this week. So. Yeah. Mean Jim Brown first off? I gotta say like, I told you I don't even think is the best quarterback ever. I like I said if it came down to one drive in the last two minutes, I'm taking Joe Montana periods. But there's there's another quarterback from that era that doesn't get any love. And that's the end style. Was awesome. And if you put him in today's era and he ever had a defense. Oh my God. If you put him on the patriots that me, I'm gonna blown doors. However, you know, he never wanted any championships and like Marino and he played in San Diego. So he didn't get the love. But I would also be okay. With Lawrence Taylor Lawrence. Taylor was a major game changer, and nobody wants that man on the other side of the line. But you gotta go Jim Brown. I mean the man played twelve year he won eight well not Super Bowl. But because they didn't have it yet. But NFL championship in Cleveland. The last time Cleveland won a championship in in the NFL, and what could his records? I mean they stood up yards per game. Rushing average, you know per play look at you know, how long he was rushing leader in the entire NFL into the eighties. I think it was my Walter Payton that ended up breaking his record. Eventually I mean Walter Payton played fourteen and sixteen games schedule. I think Jim Brown might have gotten a couple of fourteen games at the end of his of his career, but he played mostly twelve games. And he put those numbers up. I mean that man was incredible. Like my old, man. Tell me Jim Brown was only running back. He ever saw that kid run through you run over you or run past you, you are absolutely right. And he he played half of his career as twelve game seasons half of his career as fourteen game seasons. And he was an absolute beast. He was an absolute machine, and he is certainly in the conversation for one of the. Greats of all time. It's it's such a great conversation. Morgan Knoxville, Tennessee, thank you for listening. You're on CBS sports radio. Hey, thanks for taking my call. Got a brother. You know, I think everybody's forgetting football. You know, you gotta win on the line of scrimmage and my forty years of watching football the greatest football player. I ever saw. What's Reggie by Reggie White dominated. You know win games without line play. Reggie White was I'm I'm thinking about watching him do his thing. He was so so good. Appreciate all the calls.

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