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Good Friday morning I'm Nathan Hager And I'm Karen Moscow U.S. stock index futures are lower this morning We're coming up to 5 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures down 23 points this morning down futures downs 80 and NASDAQ futures down 112 the ten year treasury down 6 30 seconds yields 2.84% and the yield on the two year 2.64% and nix crude oil is up 8 tenths of a percent Nathan Karen we begin this morning with market reaction to the latest slew of earnings Apple shares are down more than 2% in early trading record setting earnings are being overshadowed by the iPhone makers forecast Apple predicts supply constraints will cost four to $8 billion in revenue during the current quarter CEO Tim Cook addressed the issue on the company's conference call I want to acknowledge the challenges we are seeing from supply chain disruptions driven by both COVID and silicon shortages to the devastation from the war in Ukraine We are not immune to these challenges Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced $90 billion in new stock buybacks Well shares of Amazon are down 8 and a half percent this morning Nathan the ecommerce giants says it lost money during the first quarter and may see another loss in the current period Amazon's cloud services division AWS continue to impress but a hiring and warehouse building binge during the pandemic weighed on the bottom line punam goyle covers Amazon for Bloomberg intelligence For a long time AWS has been able to offset the weaker retail business but it's not enough with growth slowing on the top line across the online business across the rising just too fast for them to earn those higher costs Bloomberg intelligence analyst punam goyle says for the first time ever Amazon recorded back to back quarters of less than 10% revenue growth Let's say check out some other stocks on the move this morning Karen Shares of Intel are down 3% The chipmaker gave disappointing sales and profit forecasts indicating weaker demand and Robinhood shares are down nearly 11% The financial upstart says first quarter revenue tumbled 43% We wrap up a busy week for earnings with big oil and focus Nathan ExxonMobil reports this morning a preview from Bloomberg's Tom busby After Russia's invasion of Ukraine sent crude prices surging over the past two months along with global demand its boom times right now for the nation's biggest oil producers and because of that ExxonMobil is expected to post its biggest quarterly profit in more than a decade Investors will be looking for guidance on increased crude production and possibly more share buybacks and higher dividends I'm Tom busby Bloomberg daybreak All right Tom thank you Earning so far have not turned around market sentiment In fact the S&P 500 enters the final trading day of April on track for the worst month since the pandemic bear market more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet The S&P is showing a month to date loss of 5.4% by comparison this month NASDAQ is down 9 and a half percent while the Dow is down 2.2% Volatility has been a persistent feature in markets all year with investors on edge over China's struggle to suppress COVID Russia's war in Ukraine and worries that Central Bank tightening may tip the U.S. economy into a recession In New York Charlie pellet Bloomberg daybreak Very Charlie thank you Melania It's a different story for a stocks today Chinese technology shares jumped after new policy promises from the country's top leaders to bolster the economy and markets Let's get the recap from Bloomberg's Juliet Sally in Singapore Good morning Juliet Good morning Karen the MSCI Asia Pacific index rose for a third time this week with Tencent and Alibaba among the biggest gainers the Hangzhou tech index soared more than 10% rebounding from earlier losses as the country vowed to support healthy growth of platform companies Shortly before the measures were unveiled Chinese tech stocks reversed earlier losses as traders speculated about a possible relaxation of the yearlong regulatory clampdown and China's yuan strengthened a little during the day's trade but is poised for a record monthly drop as the economy suffers from lockdowns resulting from the nation's COVID zero policy In Sydney Juliet sali Bloomberg daybreak Julia thanks for finding out more details this morning on how Elon Musk is financing his Twitter takeover Let's get the latest live from Bloomberg's we need a young good morning granita Good morning Nathan Wall Street suspected Elon Musk would have to sell some stock to cover the $21 billion equity portion of his deal to buy Twitter Now a filing shows Musk offloaded about $4 billion worth of Tesla stock Shortly after those filings were made public Musk tweeted that no further Tesla sales were planned Meantime Bloomberg sources say before the deal was announced Musk floated the idea of cutting jobs and costs at Twitter on calls with bankers must also discussed ideas to monetize the platform to boost cash flow including a potential subscription service to drive recurring revenue live in New York I'm ranita young Bloomberg daybreak All right ready to thank you Well let's shift gears now and get to the latest on Ukraine Russian missile struck Kyiv overnight but the battle for Donbass is still Russia's strategic focus Meantime here in the U.S. President Biden is asking Congress for $33 billion in aid to Ukraine but the road to approval won't be easy Bloomberg said Baxter has the story The Ukraine part has broad support across Congress but it risks getting snarled in his ask for COVID funding and immigration The Senate could vote on the emergency spending next week but the house will be on recess So Congress could finish by the week of May 9 and send it to the president but if Democrats insist on attaching long stalled funding for vaccinations and immigration costs it could be delayed indefinitely Biden did urge Democrats to pass them together In San Francisco I met Baxter Bloomberg daybreak All right Ed thanks S&P futures now down 25 points down futures down 95 NASDAQ futures lower by a 112 the ten year treasury yield two 8 four straight ahead your latest local headlines and a check of sports This is Bloomberg It's now 5 O 7.

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