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Seven seven two one five eight three three six and it's open from nine AM to seven PM daily through Friday and nine AM to three PM on Saturday also the state health department told us today that some twenty six Oklahomans are among the thirty five hundred passengers on board the grand princess cruise ship that docked in Oakland California on Monday after days of being forced to idle off the northern California coast because of the corona virus Margot Varano has more from there health officials say the Oklahomans will be screened ones off the ship and those with symptoms will be isolated those without symptoms will be allowed to return to Oklahoma but will be quarantined at home health officials say they will stay in contact with the travelers to monitor them for any future potential symptom well state retirees are a step closer to getting a cost of living increase this is a much needed bill for retirees who waited over twelve years to to see this in our retirement systems have improved dramatically and I think the time is now that is Republican a brief breaks of Muskogee the state house today passed his bill that authorizes the cost of living adjustment for state retirees between two and four percent based on the number of years that they've been retired the bill now goes to the Senate and if signed into law the Cola would take effect July first a new police chief and more the Oklahoman is reporting that Cleveland county sheriff Todd Gibson will replace Todd Strickland who is retiring at the end of this month in a letter to its staff Gibson says he'll start his new position on April sixth and a big scare for a Bartlesville police officer security video from the police department that was released today shows the officer packaging methamphetamine that was found during a traffic stop over the weekend that was believed to be laced with fentanyl well the officer collapses after a short time and other officers come to his rescue administering the nor can nasal spray which likely saved his life newsradio one thousand Katie okay weather center and the four warn storm team mild tonight a low about fifty six partly cloudy on Wednesday with a high of.

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