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Whole year. So if you're wondering why the shoulder surgery he literally saying I could barely throw the ball thirty yards which seems problematic for NFL quarterback. Yeah. His arm was was killing him. And that was one of the things I've always talking about how he has rocket of an arm because what people are trying to compare him to Dak right because they both like to run the ball or seem to light to run the ball and the way they play. And I think Jack has just as powerful him. Actually, I looked it up in their velocity. And they're very close. It's maybe one mile an hour off of each other. But, but I think Cam Newton struggled a lot this year because of his arm, but nor Turner's offense does not allow or ask him to do a lot of that. Because a lot of the game is working with Christian McCaffrey setting up a point. So guys, let's go back to the raiders where they're still looking for a home the play next year. And we've had the option of San Francisco's baseball park San Francisco's football park. London. San antonio. What if I told you they might end up playing in Oakland? There's a new proposal with the crap where the city of Oakland said they will drop their lawsuit against Oakland. And the raid. Offers if they pay the seven point five million dollars in rent, they would go for next year and just come on back to the Coliseum and play there are they still going to have Pepsi cups. Select the rare not gonna fix up that. So yes to all of that they didn't in the middle of the season. Somebody said excuse me, we have a rat in the coke machine. No, they didn't it was two dead rats that they had in the coke machine. And they announced it in the press box press box with the media is call the Kansas City Chiefs. They announced today they do plan on bringing back d Ford. That's somebody who obviously played very well for them. However, the.

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