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Is up to Philly, dot, com. Here's Joe Altimonte well yesterday the Phillies blew a big lead and lost today they hope that. Doesn't repeat and they are in pretty good position they lead at. Eight two three in the top of the ninth inning are. Coming to bat in the top of the night they got three insurance runs in the top of the, eighth inning a two run Homer by Wilson Ramos his fourth hit of the day and. That made it eight to. Two this after a sacrifice fly by Carlos Santana Santana also homering in this. Game he was. Part. Of back to back homers by Reese Hoskins and Santana in the, first inning they gave the Phillies a two-nothing lead. So they have led as much as, eight to two it is now eight to three as Randall Grischuk hence homered off of reliever Tommy hunter the first, runs the bullpen has given up today. As they have gone three innings, with just that one. Home run Vince. Velazquez got the start went five innings three hits two runs and six. Strikeouts fills lead it eight to three heading to. The top of. The, ninth inning as they try to keep pace with the. Braves Braves also poised to take victory today they leave the Miami. Marlins four nothing in, the, top. Of the night thinning eagles trying to shake the bad taste from their first three preseason games. They returned to practice today here's KYW's Ed Benkin from the novacare. Complex with the eagles top Players, resting in the final preseason game on Thursday but the regular season opener coming up a week from Thursday dope Peterson. Talked about his approach to. Practice this week so called penciled in guys will get some work However we're still evaluating some some younger. Guys and we saw a preseason game to go before things really. Begin to heat up meanwhile lane. Johnson admitted that the top players are already beginning preparations for the regular season opener against the falcons. With the eagles I'm Ed Benkin KYW. NewsRadio roster move today as well as linebacker Corey Nelson was, cut preseason games the bills and Bengals are getting underway and the Cowboys and cardinals will play at eight o'clock tonight final at the Little, League World series they are, in the third inning in Hawaii has a, one nothing lead over South Korea from sports radio ninety four..

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