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Their new birthday cake flavor because they will knock your socks off. I found it fascinating when you talk about some of the worst offender. Some of the things that you personally would not go near when it comes to modern foods that would present as you describe in the book and evolutionary mismatch things that human beings ourselves our guts have really not evolved to be able to deal with One that you are. You're you're you're quite vocal about is something that you briefly visited just now and that was milk Wise milk such an issue. Well I have to say I had my own personal reasons why I've had a vendetta against cow's milk if you will because at six months of age I was diagnosed with severe bronchial. Asthma wasn't till seventeen when I removed cow's milk that it went completely into remission this lifelong source of suffering. So for me. It was clear that it was incompatible food. Certainly my mom's got blonde hair. Blue Eyes Fair skin and I believe she's been able to tolerate it if not in some way benefit from it. But I'm a genetic mix between Korean and her gene so for me. It just didn't work out and obviously we've come up with culturing To kind of reproduce the multi chambered stomach of this this animal and reduce the problematic antigen proteins to culturing. And then of course there's different types of cow's milk protein. The Beta Carotene Alpha to variety would be much more beneficial. P- you will but when it comes to the informational aspect of food and the presence of Bovine X. zones intended for baby calves. I think we have even greater support now. For what a lot of the mill caters have been saying for so so long. You know which is that. It's just not meant for for humans. And so there's I think there's some value to that but I also don't like to get to extreme because I do think quote Orthodoxy as itself sort of a disease bacteria right and and and then I mean Joe Rogan. Something Really Hilarious. At one point about you know some some. Some you know Vegan deserve loosely like throwing cosmic under the bus because it causes cancer. And he's like if you're that week and he used a much more intense word than that than than you should die meeting like are we that afraid of everything that you know it becomes that important. We're so neurotic so yes for me. It was probably lifesaving on some level to get it out of my diet but it's not going to be the case for everyone. I don't mean to imply my my philosophy on nutrition is gonNA apply to everyone. Yeah it makes sense but when you when you take into consideration these bovine micro aurigny containing excess oems actually can carry some pretty significant. Immuno regulatory cargo. You know and you consider that we have readily available to us now things like goat's milk or visit the website. For a two milk. Many many stores are now selling a two milk There's a company in California. I order from sometimes. It sells camel's milk that my kids absolutely love and you know I. It really has greater implications I think then just say occasional congestion or an upset tummy. Podcast just in the past year with with people who talk about this underlying nasal congestion in adults and children. Many of whom are getting from commercial dairy or a one dairy resulting in changes to the structure and to the bottom of the mouth and to the crowding of the teeth Into overall posture of the head and the neck due to the forced mouth breathing in the inhibition of the ability to be able to properly breathe through the nose which of course also impacts nitric oxide production. Which IS IMPORTANT FOR HEART. Health that impacts exercise tolerance via to Max impacts the warming of the air as it gets into the lungs and so I think some of this stuff goes deeper than we might consider at first glance. Amen I mean yes yeah. I didn't homogenisation. You look put titanium dioxide into these these the milk because it's just gross. Yellow Putrid mass produced obviously industrial is just absurd with arbitrary and all the other areas of concern. So I think if we could get obviously they're big advocates of raw organic local. There's definitely a lot to be said for that. And even in Ghandi's nutritional writings he was saying that in the case of those who only aid plant material. Many would actually end up. Getting sick in just adding a little milk was enough for them to not have to eat meat. So there's definitely a more to the story I you know and you know we're we're sort of You know luxuriating were were so wealthy that we don't we don't have to think about you know just how much we have. Many of us are obviously digging our graves with our teeth. Still food is more recreational self-medication. It's not really about serving the body's fundamental needs. Yeah Yeah and sometimes for people who say Oh you know what the hell then you know. You're some you know rich effort talking about buying camel's milk online. But I mean you you can go to a variety of different websites like real milk dot com is a perfect example and you can actually find not only good local raw milk often in the form of a two. But you can also you can join. Csa's you know we invested in goats and yeah that one time investment is paying off for us now because we've eight. Nigerian dwarf goats that we can milk and so so. Yeah I mean there. There are ways around this. You just have to think outside the frigging box and you know if it comes down to it. I mean at least just you know just begin to have you know unsweetened coconut milk or other forms of of you know white creamy stuff that lends credence or gives you the same taste as milk without necessarily having milk now as an alternative Beverage one thing I noticed one of the very first things that you talk about in the book as you pivot from some of these harmful compounds and healthful excess homo compounds. Is this idea of chicken soup. Which is so simple but you know you introduce it in the book as like the food to start with. Why is that? I just love it as an example of culinary tradition and and just you know this this concept for example those who might believe that they have some type of a deadly virus. They're being told to take Tamiflu which is extremely toxic. I'm to the point where the Japanese when they were introducing it We're having children jump off buildings because of the neuropsychiatric side effects. You know it's it's just one example of something that has been studied clinically to. Have you know really profound effects on some of the you know the biomarkers for immunity things like into Lucan and you know just just white blood cell count. There's so many aspects to it that are there are just validated? It now by by modern medicine. But you know it's just an example to have something that is just very warming and nurturing. I find it to be the best medicine. Okay so when it comes to Chicken soup those of you. Listening in May of course be familiar with chicken soup by. It's sexy new title Bone Broth and It's it's it's something that obviously seems taken the health world by storm but one simple tip. I want to give to people. I I don't know how you do this Sarah you know. You can obviously order bone broth. I have one company that I like Kevin Fire..

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