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Hundreds of items in stock ready for immediate delivery. Regency Furniture in Maryland, Virginia or 48, Traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Dave Gill Dining the nobody T o P. Traffic senator Back to Montgomery County and to 70 North, bound between the spur and Montrose throw the briefly held traffic to rearrange some of the wrecked vehicles. Only one left, but it's still one left lane blocked. As they began to tell a way North bound on to 70. They should've released traffic but still blocking the left lane there on 95 south out, it's still heavy from 200 past. 2 12 of the crash is now on the right shoulder before the ramps that lead onto the Beltway and on the Beltway. It's just volume on the interlude near Connecticut Avenue Little heavy north bound on Connecticut through Chevy Chase in the Purple Line Project, now through May only be two lanes getting by north of East West Highway in Virginia. The crashes on 66 westbound near Nutley Street eastbound after Nutley Street should be getting moved on the show. Holders, but residual delays there and volume delays westbound through Centerville 3 95 decent South bound. Heavy on 95 from Lord in Woodbridge, 3 95 inbound. It's open today across the 14th Street bridge. But the exits toe lower 14th Street 12 Street Expressway are still closed. The inauguration tear down continues to stop some barricades up around Federal Triangle Metro Center and your fair Get on K Street, but block by block. Opening, and they're hauling away the barricades by the pallet, so hopefully getting these taken down over the next couple of days. Not sure if they've opened Independence Avenue yet that's been blocked and haven't got the all clear there. But we do know. Constitution Avenue is largely open between the Roosevelt Bridge and Pennsylvania Avenue south on Third Street Tunnel. What's open, but it's still crowded because we had a crash on the ramp to go east on the freeway. Crash should by now be clear, though. Dave Tilden wt o p. Traffic. Okay, forecast Amelia Draper. A few clouds out there for the evening and overnight hours, But for the most part mainly clear skies and not as cold.

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