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Talking NBA free agency, or about to get it on at six o'clock tomorrow night, where teams can officially begin signing these players depending on what sort of illegal agreements, they've already constructed with NBA teams and look. I'm real simple on this. I think there's a ton to talk about here. You wanna talk about your teams. Plan, whether you like it or you don't I dig eight five five two one two four CBS, you want to get into the individual players, some of their idiosyncrasies the, you know, who do you want. Who do you not want may might? It's pretty easy. I love quiet Leonard. I don't want nothing to do with Kyrie Irving been there done that have seen it kyri tries to be the smartest guy in the room and there are people around him. Don't even know what makes them happy. That is not the kinda guy that I want, sink a four or five year deal into, but he can't deny all of these players talents, and that's all why they're going to get all this money are there. Guys, you want or don't want. Are there players that you would love to see pair up is Kevin Durant, and Leonard a pair, you wanna see? Oh, I don't know, maybe rehab, the New York Knicks. If they go there. Or are those two guys, maybe the dudes that can push the Los Angeles Clippers over the edge. Do you wanna see certain guys go play LeBron James and Anthony Davis with the Lakers? There's a lot to get into whether you wanna make it about the players about the teams about the philosophy or about your particular team. Eight five five two one two four CBS at bone Brenton sent me on Twitter, a like to hear your thoughts on what the bucks should do this NBA free agency resign, your guys. That's my message to them. Re-sign Middleton resigned. Brogden try to keep that group together as much as you possibly can tell you this. If you lose out on Kyrie Irving, who looks like he's going to the Brooklyn. Nets. Although I say, I still think he's gonna end up a Laker. And if you miss out on Kemba Walker who is supposed to be going to the Boston Celtics. Then Malcolm Brogdon ain't a bad way to go. And if you go into restricted free agent market, not only brogden but also DeAngelis Russell. Now, you gotta talk to you about the whole issue would Russell in trusting teammates and yada, yada, yada. But they're still players. They're eight five five two one two, four CBS. That's right. Back to these phones got one line available. I'm first-come-first-served operation. Matt is in Cleveland. Kicking off our two of the gresh show on CBS sports radio. What's up Matt? Muskrats. How you doing? I'm good, brother. We have today. Hey, I'm very intrigued about Kevin Durant. Hawaii teaming up just because of the fact that I, I can't stand LeBron one these super teams that keep on winning just try to match Jordan. But besides that I'm trying to figure out. And if you probably know the salary cap better than I do. Would it be smarter for Durant if he's the team up a quiet assign a one in one with whatever team because there's litter, there's no risk for him? He's already heard can't get hurt anymore. And then year to sign the max deal so that the team can go over to salary cap, assign him and pick role players to go around them a whole lot better than the, the Lakers handwriting. Right now. You know, what's interesting, Matt, and I'd ask you this. If you were an owner and you were you wanted and you wanna Durant, would you give him a year of free money to rehab knowing that, if you give him a one on one, you either got a bully him into resigning, or, you're leaving the door ajar? See, I think the injury takes away short term options from Kevin Durant. I get what you're saying. It is a risk for the owner. But it is a team for ramp that he knows that could be built around him. A lot better than if he was assigned amac, quite right now than their salary cap, whoever it is, you're basically stuck with whoever you have. Pointing to know it is in math. Thanks, brother. And look, you're thinking, and that's a good thing. And that's what we have to do in situations like this. But I think if Kevin Durant wanted his freedom, he would have opted in for a year with the Golden State Warriors taking their money. And then in a free agent next year. And then go wherever he wants that, that's my best guess visit if he really wanted to do that. He could hit the pause button. Hey, I'm among the people, and Matt your thinking, which I like because one of the things that I threw out there. Was maybe Kevin Durant, just sits out this year and doesn't sign a contract and then gets himself, right? And then reenters the free agent market next off season where teams can maneuver and get their building. And it gives K D a year to sort of see where all these free agents end up this year, and then he can be more selective in choosing where he wants to go. But it appears he's gonna take that big time contract. He's going to make his decision. He's going to rehab. He'll be around the team. And then you'll have him in two thousand twenty two thousand twenty one season Fred in Green Bay next on the gresh show, CBS sports radio. What's up, Freddie? How you doing? I'm good man. What do you have today? Are two questions and the second question you've got talkable more talks. But my first question is, do you think I don't think about LeBron? The N quite matching up coming together. You think they're like at the end of the season. Like while used score twenty points per game. But now we have three all stars. And maybe two of them are scoring twenty six twenty four twenty five PM no one is on fifteen or seventeen point three and you think they are about that at all. You know that's a good question. And I gotta think that under your scenario fits, Colli LeBron and AD then everybody will learn how to share. And I think that if they if those guys came together and say they lost in a Western Conference finals because they didn't have enough around them. Those guys would be able to accept that. But if they if they all sacrifice and it doesn't work and everybody's bickering with each other, then that whole thing is going to end up exploding because everybody would get selfish. And if they are Anthony Davis might have the ability to walk out. The door t end of the year. So my guess, Fred is that they'll have everybody will sort of. Shelve, their egos, considering there are big time players, those three guys are big timers, correct, her on my, second my question what you talked about four FOX, I think it's pivotal for more people from office during the era, who all get so one, and all I understand signed Brockton, but possibly, we'll get to another second tier superstar like. You know, I think the box are on their way in Fred. Thank you. I say, keep it together. If they keep it together, they've got enough and Jaanus is getting better and better and better. If you look at Milwaukee. As if Janas is. It didn't look like Hawaii had a lot of superstars around him. And you could tell me the kala Lowry get superstar money, but I mean, I've done sports radio for twenty two years now. And I don't hear Kyle Lowery's name coming out of the mouth of NBA fans whenever you start to think about the big time players in the league. So from that end, you know, I don't think collide played with a superstar, but I think as long as he's the superstar in the guy, they know they can count on which I think Yanna started to develop into that this playoff run, then just keep it together. Let the star continue to grow. Let those other guys continue to eat get better because it seems like they've got something really good going on in Milwaukee. And that ownership group. I hope doesn't look at it and say, well, we really don't wanna pay over the tax. This is their chance for them to really cement themselves as one of the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. And I hear what you're saying. Saying in do they need to bring in another stud. I think you sign the guys back. You see what happens this year? And then if you have to go that route, you've got the ability to play the trading contracts game to make something worth and bringing a big timer in eight five five two one two, four CBS, eight five five two one two four two two seven. Tony is in Florida. He's got a thought on Kevin Durant on the gresh show on CBS sports radio. Hi, tone. What's up? Hey, thanks for taking my call. I appreciate it. You ask the question. If, if I was a fan and I wanted to take a chance, Kevin Durant. Come to my team and my answer. That is absolutely. I would love Kevin Durant come to the Miami. Even don't sit out for whole nother year. The reason in this the Miami Heat is not making the playoffs next year. And if they do they're going to be the best. So no nobody better to Dan. Kevin Durant come to this team and sit out for one. Yeah. I would love it. Also these only two differences between the blonde James and Leonard, and that is why Leonard, as younger and, and he's quieter other than that day. The same players just as fake strong facet as LeBron James, and he's also beaten LeBron and became the MVP also an leave it at this, I'm doing delivery delivery with Uber right now. So I'm running behind. I'll leave you with this. If Steph curry, I love stuff. I think he's an excellent one. The best three point shooters of. All time. But if he wanted to make his name as one of the greatest of all time he needed to win that series and carry that team and he couldn't do it. Thanks for taking my call. That's interesting. Thank you. Brother tend to Tony go. Get those go get that food delivered their. Boy, that's a harsh on, on Steph curry, and I understand where you're coming from. I don't know. I completely agree with it. I'm still very open ended on that topic. And I admit I haven't fully vetted it and fully thought about it in my own mind to be able to give you the educated thought at first glance, it's a little rough, and they start to think of it, and you're like, okay, maybe considering what collide did that one point where he scored you know, ten in a row? And I forget what game that was. But that's something we're thinking about, hey, I have argued that Colli Leonard. Right. Now's the best player in the NBA. So I could buy the LeBron comparisons Ming LeBron is turned. It into a little more. I mean, you know, LeBron just thick and big and LeBron is a physical freak in a manner in which we've never seen before. Whereas coli has kind of the normal dimensions of a basketball player and he's really good at playing the game. And he can impact the game in every way I got a lot of respect for Colli Leonard. And here's what I would say on Katie on the heat. I wonder if superstars. Who are peers of LeBron James? They don't want to go to Miami, because that's what LeBron did and it Katie went down there. And they won say two championships in four years. Did it would be along just gonna get compared to LeBron when Kevin Durant has been very vocal over the years, including all the way back to the NBA draft in saying, I'm sick of being a bridesmaid? I just don't know if a match with the Miami Heat would work given the history of LeBron having gone there, because there will always be those comparisons. I think it's got to be someone who is not appear of LeBron James to go there, and try to do what LeBron did with the Miami Heat in my opinion, eight five five two one, two, four CBS, eight five five, two one two, four two two seven coming to you live for the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans studios rocket mortgage with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience and be a free agency..

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