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Old airport engenders quite different feelings in the German heart is Esmie Nicholson report's Athletes could be emotional places where loved ones part ways and families reunite. Now, more than ever. They are the embodiment of what the Germans call family a painful longing to be somewhere else. But in Berlin, any mention of the city's new airport tends to elicit expletives or laughter. Originally due to open in 2011, The new Berlin Brandenburg has been beset by succession of technical fiasco is the burden of which its latest chief executive angle bat loot. Kadar. Doesn't try to hide duty, younger lung damage booth, massive delays and construction problems made for land and the whole of Germany. It laughing stuff as a German engineer. I'm ashamed. So obviously there's no reason to throw a big opening party. But here at Tegal Berlin's other airport, the mood is different. While some are pleased that this airport is closing, others are melancholic. They're very few people of flying anywhere. At the moment, Berliners are coming to terminal, a simply told Brooke about drinking overpriced beer and quietly take their leave. One of them is 66, year old retired engineer off Schneider been dead on your floor in one year. I've flown from Tegal many times since the walking down. It feels like an era is coming to an end. As an east, Berliner Schneider knows all about found he couldn't fly from the West Berlin airport or from anywhere until 1989. Tegal was built in 1948 during Soviet blockade of West Berlin. While it took only three months to build its replacement has taken 30 years to come to fruition. How the hell could this happen to Germans? All of all people so much known for their precision. And a good product and rash. Betas, an aviation journalist, he says. The new airports endless construction issues have debunked the myth of German efficiency once and for all from a roof that's too heavy to the escalators that were too short. Lights and display screens that couldn't be turned off. There were about 730 screens. They had bean running six years in a row, and now they had to be replaced. All of them before the airport actually opened. Spate says the airport is still losing several million euros a week and faces yet more debt with the airline industry and turmoil. Tegal main terminal is filling up with nostalgic day trippers. Retirees Madonna and China. Dylan Bagha are among them. Yeah, isn't extra. Here. Come Bodman idea, Phil Olive, We came here to say good bye because over the years we've experienced a lot at this airport. All those memories, meeting family and friends and going off on vacation. It's moving to be here and a little bit sad to Mariana grabs her husband as he edges away from the microphone. We promise all of you should talk to my husband. He was the one who insisted we come today. Right, darling, But emotions are running high in the city is he can't talk. It hurts too much. He's welling up with tears. Oh, dear time for another German word hind or homesickness for these are tears for a part of West Berlin. That is no more for NPR news. I'm Ismay. Nicholson invented it..

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