Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, Donald Trump discussed on Buck Sexton


Unless it is. Do you support Louis Farrakhan's rhetoric? What do you think of this thing that Farrakhan said they do that though Republicans who who have never met or appeared with or talk to David Duke, but he'll be asked to do. And this is not new with Trump with the Trump era, by the way, they've been doing this for for decades. Now do do support David Duke. What about David Duke, David Duke is endorsed you. They'll make Republicans answer that charge. Why don't they why is in every single democrat who runs for runs for the presidency asked repeatedly on every major news network? What do you think about Louis Farrakhan, do support this terrible anti semitic statement? He said do you support that one all they won't do that? Yeah. That's such a shock. But they want to tell us their objective, folks. They want to tell us that they. The. Wouldn't wouldn't that be nice? Yes, I'm asking for I'm asking.

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