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Dick hafner digging resumes in mccomb township authorities are searching dairy upper body is a burroughs who may have been killed by a convicted rapist in burger police searched the spot where sindhis are zaki was buried she disappeared from east point in nineteen eightysix the disappearance of kimberly king from warren a twelve year old girl in nine hundred seventy nine is also on the list for the searchers convicted killer arthur ream buried thirteenyearold zaki after he raped and killed her in eightysix ream was in prison for also raping a fifteen year old girl when he led investigators to that spot where cindy is our vicky was buried warren police mccomb county sheriff's the fbi are on that site officials are reportedly looking at raymond connection with the disappearance of at least three other teenage girls brian wisden the michigan state's superintendent of schools has died of cancer wisden was fifty six he was super intendant of dearborn public schools before he was appointed as the state superintendent the man who was charged in the fatal shooting of wayne state police officer collin rose and the non fatal shootings of two detroit police officers is doing in court for a mental competency hearing raymond durham accused of fatally shooting rosendahl member of two thousand sixteen also charged in the march two thousand seventeen shooting of two police officers the forensic center on durham to be mentally incompetent to stand trial wayne county asked for an independent evaluation ford motor company board of directors may be told negotiations are continuing for four to acquire the old michigan central train depot.

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