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Same point without seeming disingenuous and at the same time. I don't think he's going off at this. Point of being self referential and meta because he's literally the lyrics of the song are wasting time face timing with my mom and i remember sitting there during the pandemic meeting to waste time needing to not watch another. Tv show again needing to not do the same thing again needing to call someone just to fill the time. There was so much time we had more time than we ever knew what to do it. So like true wasting time facing base timing somebody so many more people facetime zoom people than ever before like zoom wasn't a thing before the pandemic right. It was some random office thing nobody knew about. And now it's every now it's everywhere. Everyone uses everyone because they needed to waste time based timing but yeah i like the song. It's reliable it was great. He fought with aspect ratio. Few times. I also like the way. He's zooms in like anxious. Moments uses the camera to really like getting close. It's media cinematic. It shouldn't be that cinematic because it. 'cause he's shucks supposing at with his messy place where he literally you can tell you. Just turn the camera on and then it switches to the cinematic moment that he had a completely set like. I appreciate that moment. In the is near the beginning where he's like taking a tape measure and like measuring is markets. I don't know if you know this. But when i'm sitting here i get something to control my my my my focus. I can't reach it because my cameras over there. Like a real like marcus. The cameras over there. How do you focus it. That's fair you need to measure it in like get out. That's real in israel so the fact that this cinematic at all is while it's amazing. He ended up itself. I mean that beautiful shot that he has of him laying down with all the equipment surrounding him and he's just like laying in a blanket talking into the microphone. Beautiful shot painstaking. Sticking he with every single wire and that shot he probably was swine. No and then after we get how the world works. The next saw the world works the great he An awesome look at again lighting where he used red and orange to make it seems as And like he wears a striped shirt. Like burt and ernie and he totally has a sesame street. Yes and he to go. I feel like he used a lot of like i could remembering. But i feel like they're worse a good amount of under lighting which usually because there's no natural light that comes from the ground is usually used in lighting design to emphasize something dark or something supernatural or whatever are ominous which he tallied. It is appropriate for some toilet and he sings a sesame street song about how the world works straight to camera and then he has a great moment with us puppet. Yes fucking it's hilarious song comment on the world. It's gotta remember during the pandemic we also had you know huge black lives matter movement protests. And it's something that he is commenting on right. He'd comments on it on it in this song and also in the comedy song where he's like. What is my place in the world. What is my responsibility. I had that question. You see the eagles of the world you understand the truth of the world. He's not saying that something that only he knows and he has the answer to. He's only the only one woke enough in the world to realize what's going on. He sees the injustices but also what the fuck are you supposed to do that yet. Italian toast that line really well of being woke and calling out the wo- kness right. Yeah woke kness in and of itself is a little hypocritical right like when you are woke to a certain degree you are alienating people that makes you not woke you know like the in and of itself. That is a thing that happens. You know i'm gonna say depending on the situation situation by situation. Yeah i almost. I almost always disagree. Because yes you should you should respect people and you should look at the world a certain way but when you make that the dogma of the world not everybody's there yet and that's it creates such divides bat caused such divisive divisiveness in think that there are sure i understand what you're saying but there degrees just like with everything else i disagree. I think i think. I think saying i think but so you think all will you think all woke. This is bad. You think thinking that people deserve rights is bad no no thinking of. I don't think the thinking of people naming rights as bad. I think the shouting in someone's face is bad. I see you're saying that the approach. But that's what i'm saying. Not everyone's approach shouting it into people's faces then that's not like woke means right woke is like shutting from the hilltops it. That's what you were saying woke means. I think it is what it means. I don't think it is. I'm gonna disagree. We're gonna disagree on this. Move on the google. Talk to you later. I don't think that you're googling. Woke up as the past tense of wake. We figure this out. Nice nice nice nice. I think i mean. I feel like if you're on the i don't know it depends on your political stance. I feel like certain people can see this as as a problem. And i think that it can be a problem if it goes too far to the point where you are no longer listening and understanding and trying to empathize with the other side. But i don't think it's inherently bad. I think the problem is the last thing i'll say about it. I think the problem is in and of itself in a vacuum woke us has no problem. It's about like the definitions literally alert to injustice in society especially racism. That's great you totally do those. Thanks andrea ever. It's alert to know you are aware of. It doesn't mean that's the part. That is the wake i am awake to the world. My eyes are open. There is no yelling about it but it is weaponized so so so so much by so many people and you and people use saying woke and saying these things out loud as if that is like nancy pelosi where can take clause outside of the capitol building right. she's being woke she is signaling to wo- culture she's virtue signal like she is saying woke. I understand their problems and injustices in virtue. Signaling is different than just. The word woke people are used. Who accompanies virtue signal. All the time politicians virtue signal all the time. Fucking pride bump. We just went through a whole fucking month of virtue. Signally and apple are aware of it. Understand fight it well known up saying not. Everybody does a sure but people people see it. I mean right now. I'm seeing a bunch of beam since july. I if people being like the rainbow slowly fading away and it's like corporations now. That pride month is over. You know like i mean to me ms kind of everywhere now. People are acknowledged that virtue signaling happens and that the are just flawed inherently and people are going to abuse systems. But that doesn't mean that being aware of the fallacies of the world around us is bad. I think that there's an issue with a term wokers been tainted by certain groups of peter. That's the problem. I think the problem is people. Think being alert to it is the end.

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