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When Bosnian Alabama crush Bosnia. Oh you like a kid. WHO's some on the paper flow? The Pope Open. It was actually do. I told my shoulder shoulder to shoulder surgery shoulder in the summer but as as One of the things that happened at a deal at the time I had to go through it. And you know Omega you now and I'm unprepared in America again. So how long has been this is bin Laden. It's been five months. The surgery up in but so full forfeit now for the last six eight weeks and you know he's feeling Gordon Affairs. which is strong as it ever has been now is interesting? Isn't it sometimes when you enjoy yourself when you have these little enforced layoffs the you can rebuild yourself when you combat physically stronger all over. Because you've got that time to physically stop arrest and recover I I think they're rebuilding yourself because you do the Rehab and all the proper things that the decisions what to do that if that's where it become feel like its strongest. Probably not strong. It's just that it's state rested appropriate. I'm doing exercises now. I've never done before. which my bachelor them before you know like preventation Shen exercises as well woman probably calling down probably and you know? That's something of public never done. I should have done so I feel like. I'm getting benefits from that. That's it's really interesting that you say. Do you think your continue to do that. You think well I guess if this had happened you wouldn't have done that but that is something that you're gonna take for jailing differently often call now for the. I am a career you know. Look after my body Before before and after training and get the physios and and a lot because it really does help open it. Just prolonging your career and especially now you know I'm getting older and now I'm twenty nine hundred. You just say you know how old you are. You said to thirty four you late twenties. You didn't right now is good. It's good fresh Shah said that about you. Look at Walmart and warm down. That's you know. I thought you all do that anyway. Nowadays because we never did and you body self my body surface. I know that I never warmed up. I used to go home and wackier. My father used to watch ethics. And if you look at this kid now this man is supposed to the Javelin you gotTa Tracks Dong. Long stretching takes chubby through one Jaffrey puts a street back on. It keeps your body and I wish the time and this she like you. Please turn up at the gym. Nate sometimes you drop your hands as you. Won't you just train you stretch. Pretend and you will straighten into a really fat work and the warm down own cool and daisies doesn't hide off. You know you didn't pound economy's doing it say something are never really talk seriously. Thought saw things and now obviously you know things when things up and what they see it makes you realize you know Delicate you body and and now what he needs to look after you have as you said even a bit of a layoff this shit. Just how frustrating has that been for you because you gathering some real momentum but can you and that's that's kind of jolted laws. It was sold destroying really poor. I found myself in the position was again and you know I just got macree. We off to tour Flyer early. Two hundred nine is one of them you know is in that position and I couldn't change it so out to deal with it and do why do to get myself back on unless well known but yeah it was. It was very for Shea in like I say it was. It was not tom again. We'll sue mostly because modern was so good fighter. Maximum fighter Irish background over there in the east. Give these these coasts of of the states and they really pushing for his name anywhere anywhere anywhere into Irish heritage in America and they settled and they were put into a rule title. And you thought that's that's the best when you were over there to be on this one year it was it was a It was to get me buck in. That will make surfing. The winner of Maine was going to be pushing for wool tall and it turned out at the local level. Obviously injury cost me that chance. Did you not fight could happen. Yeah believe the offing if when Europeans offing fought will most definitely happen again on the promote June show. More of whatever going back before the mime fight because some close to BC Batavia and we. We spoke to you when you came in. I think there's a couple of weeks after after that and you said about the mental side of things. Because you would've taken confidence in the competence not performance movements but also to the one thing. I would change your mental preparation for that thing. Not so much the preparation in the come a thing when five week can any sort of realization in where it was what was doing it was up against all star of US endowed. I'm good enough off. Should up this level of interest when you do. Have those doubts detail to anyone about that or is that something you internalize So of Bryce and spoke to the cameras uh spout locos the much confidence among the man on the planet but deep down I wasn't I was always struggling. Oakland is something that of from an unknown for fighting over again because It wasn't a hundred percent muscle flat Ni- and I still did well enough to show performance that level and let's be honest. He's not just normal average world champion. He is a powerful powerful. And you know came very close boy Godunov buffalo different or not. Maybe it might be a quarterback so the changes say the mental preparation. What what what what have you been doing? Or what have you changed. Just thought not not really any fin just again Experiences an offense Rivera Garfield experiences. You can never know yourself will know how to change. Change Your own mental approach so many you can read as many books as you want or you can speak to people until you go through that process and you go free truly experience yourself. You know you can't really Y- you need to live it either. Yeah and also the nose. Well 'cause you've which which did well you'll need. You still lost last up. Police still going to hurt you but because you did so well and it was glimpses that you could have done better level does she. It gives you more confidence now. This photo books any more than that. Never thinking this guy stands alone in a division. That's fantastic by the way maybe the haves division in any in the moment and you you made him look for his win they you can be more than competitive than anyone else. Definitely I mean as I say. Take off if there's lot because there's nobody that's made in Luke uncomfortable always looked in his comfort zones on the fail failures. I'm the only person that seven made him look uncomfortable at times so I take from the book you know against stalls make fosters well and you know all stalls oversee auto off the kind of and I do know is I'm very very strong. Very very powerful which you need a top level Again you know. Hazel is how much so again win lose. All Georgia's to the things went wrong in the first one you know again in five week and momentum memento force and the little things will offend than differently in the fall while I just watch ago just to make it 'cause lock into Bay again just so now. Okay you just not quote golf. aww He's been in the ring since that. How often do you replay that all the time and I think the first round a look at things things the first round knockdown? I wasn't Lookin' The refs at stop awful over safe any inolvement next week. Nothing not a an effect on the way maybe also for the fight then went up in the second maybe it was being too cautious because of the first round may be always lot. Wow I forgot him. And so of shocking estimate. Nine hundred London and fell in the fire said to Joe in the Corsair Nausea is. He's not a strong Joe you know. He's not as strong as before. It was going to be awesome stronger. I think maybe I'll be too so I may be got to shoe but you know the end of the day he got man. I know you said about the whole week building up would would you because of all these median obligations and you haven't had before the different Being away from home was on an internal moving so much of the made effing fancies reputation. Maybe money's caught me a little bit Augustus really honest for from from now. Today's oversee Ya. Ah Yeah pump pound number one in the images he was up basically. Nobody wanted to fly He he took it to fruit to the pros and again is going through training and everything else in a whatever it might be when not realization sets in of where you are and what you up against you you know elegant Camilo Bill. We only STU but at the same time I was never. He's weighed. I was never so scared. Eight or wasn't gonNA out. We're going to give Vinnie out last. Maybe while also nervous because I knew I was leaving. Whatever you know it was going to have is to knock me out to beat me? It's just the pressure. Yeah Thing Athena so it was again all the pressure from Beckham you know. We'll the social media like good look in an ideal town con of fellow at the white of the world shoulders and note. Nobody'd ever seen me be an old town was going to be what Chen into thinking. And everyone's school of expecting me to be everybody in Afghanistan and depressed off what was supposedly going to be at so far and I went and bluster Himalayan noise seconds so mile towns a small community in the wall just expected me to go to a marriage is monster not really nothing warm up against and and I remember saying to my over in day to day before the flight these people are gonNA clue against you know and I think yeah the pressure of all just just the best thing into less learning also not just to care if that's been selfish boxes. It's such a selfish and needs to be them uh-huh reasons but you're worried to go over the people feel if you get beat or you let the people down where you're going to be selfish. I think no matters but me. It's is like having a filter isn't it you've got to have to be able to blackout stuff. I so hard nowadays with social media and what your role is whether you put the phone down he anita looking at how many days hours one fight. But it's so hard not to see it now like like I could quite well with us all stuff and I didn't have the same tools that you have but I didn't have what you have as well the social media successful Davey body and I think that is I think you just gotTa cut off. I I mean that she'd like soon as if I know I would just cut off easy said Doug goes is genesis but you what. What is the noble after that fall after Chicago did say future or not be looking at social media and not be worrying arena? Anybody else in phone has no nothing but you can still get phones. Just had to knock Earl's take Chipo put it in that one that select system as hard as easiest at the number this is you put your level again. It's as you said until you've experience these things you to cope and some people cope with a quite well naturally. Luckily did you enjoy five-week I thought I didn't I didn't didn't and it just it had no effect over me. It was just all it was was just on similar fight. I didn't think of anything that is just another fight. I didn't care about the college's reputation you you saw. It's easy to say that you know against at times and just it's out almost con- In yourself that on your best day no one can beat you and you have to feel that even even though I also really new especially my last by the new the guy was too good for me but I went into the ring and like you did. You must've been offering in thinking e can't beat me I. I went off in the feelings. I have.

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