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To come and visit your family and we spend every other christmas up there usually co for me i'm gonna i'm gonna take a quick tour around in a go highlight some of those great sports venues that chicago have gets chopin's why no really why did they build attract out there what you know howard they're still need sports fans of so many different all right there in chicago so we're gonna take a chore but yeah everything will kick off at any rate at three thirty on saturday on nbc theater stanley cup rate starts on three o'clock on sunday on nbc at the end that yoshito about having a good time you know kicking off these playoffs and and i think it's going to be a great time for sure yeah chicago of course great sports town chris nascar front and center this weekend coming up in but also it's a great food town and and you've got some food shops you one of the rare individuals i consider myself it is sort of in there as well that's got kind of the the whole food angle i do a lot of the foodstuff here for wgn last dozen years local national food programmes in food personalities but then also on the racing side i was actually cog land speedway win for the groundbreaking with bill france jew and you're you know dale earnhardt in all of that as well so talk a little bit about that because you've got a series food side did triple the you know guy we we just had um clint boyer in studio as well he's also a good friend of guys will damaris use it like the shows there but you kind of tool serious food size saw the whole and you know we'll talk about the food side right we come back from the brakes a stay tuned okay relics we are going to take a quick break when we come back more with one still talk about the food side of the racing world and of.

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