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You sports fans out there this is a Jason and add show but there is no Jason or ed my name is Ben Clements I'm joined by nikada will be launching the ship off and take you through the weekend and the previous days of sports coming up here was a big day yesterday hope everybody had a good holiday hope there we had a good Christmas a lot of basketball yesterday Nick a lot of a lot of big games a few upsets and the clippers remained to be the king of Los Angeles right now they did and it's always this is my maybe it's just my Christmas tradition but that's when I kinda tune back into the NBA and sick okay who's been doing what he's been good who's bad escrita they put all like just you know almost the top teams on for you on one day so it's really good to catch up yeah it was yeah the clippers are good they they are pretty good it was that's not that shocking but lebron so far has not had some success against the clippers the other team in staples center the warriors had a pretty big one yesterday over the Houston Rockets out was because of the way in which was with no clay with no staff they were still able to get it done as a shocking in a very bad loss the Houston Rockets in my opinion list of I'm I'm assuming that they are already working on their latest appeal to the league about how some minor technicality like somebody wasn't wearing the right color socks and so they should be at least be able to replay that second half or something elsewhere around the country we have some football going on right now the Miami hurricanes are taken on Louisiana tech in the walk ons independence bowl Louisiana tech is leading right now seventy zero it's one of those ball games that I have to have to look at the list every year and figure out what game this is and how they came up with the title the walk ons bowl game it's one of the one of the less known games but it's a has a pretty good tennis right now Miami and I live in a Louisiana tech doing well and we got the college playoffs starting this Saturday Hey it's my mind I've been going back and forth the past two weeks thinking about who's going to win and what the outcome is going to be but I'm very excited elsewhere in the NFL week seventeen approaching we're three days away from the final of the NFL regular season for the fire chasing geared toward exactly exactly and there are a lot of coaches could be meeting their doing here in a few days but this weekend a lot at stake for a lot of different teams the cowboys are cowboys still have a chance to attend you can still hold on there still in the hunt as they say a win on Sunday in a eagle's loss will join them into the the playoffs but it's looking pretty jury for the cowboys right now it's it's probably over and that's honestly like just it's about time for me I want to stop caring about this someone starting about next year and and be hopeful again instead of just being downtrodden by the terrible season yeah yeah don't forget also the phone lines are open five one two eight three six zero five ninety give us a call and tell us what you think about the cowboys the playoffs the basketball anything you want we talk all sports we'll talk with each if you want give us call eight three six zero five ninety this is kind of that weird time of the year neck it's that kind of a little where it's after Christmas before new year's eve you really don't like you got some people going to work you got some people that are drunk you got some people you know doing nothing it's that kind of weird time where you can you can really sit down sit in the couch and watch sports for hours in there and really do nothing it's great it's a great time of the year thank you yeah I'm I'm mad that I have to come up here much as I do over the break just because like I I should be home watching you know catch up like there's ball games in any even this one you know I I I you sometimes hear from him because I listen to a a Miami based sports show when I'm not you know hosting one of my own and so I I care about it and I I know but Miami but just I also just what is the deal with this walk on the name for that whose fault is this I'm not really sure that every year they get new sponsors and their yeah there's always some far fetched name that I don't know how they come up with you know that's the that's kind of a problem with the bowl system yeah you got some of these games that really I mean for for the most part they don't matter whatsoever but for the smaller schools it's a great honor to give these ball games but it's getting kind of absurd with some of these names but I like this what I like to walk ons bowl well this thing for me is that can scholarship players playing his ball against the wall convoys show yeah that is the letter is what is he was get in there and is the catch I think they can you know in these games who before is now that we have a college football playoffs it just it makes these other bowl games seems so we are less significant right it does what they're still like to me they're just they're fun when you don't know what's going on and you just you know you just Hey it's it's it's Christmas day you know all the family are gone and I let me just turn on the TV and use tourney spends like to fumble if they had to be what you call white ball which I don't care about either team or know anything about him but it was just also because like they were sitting there just put on a show like they were lighting up and you get to see all these crazy you know they're doing dramatic plays and things like that so well the fact that they elect who why the university play in the Hawaii bowl I that is beyond me but for the gamblers on Vegas they had a pretty good night because who why he was on their own home field and they were the underdogs I mean that is about his dream yeah and they were able to get the win so Vegas at a pretty good night well me also you know to be fair Texas is made a habit of playing the all in the local right out of the ten to two hard wife plain white bolts bigger taxes they'll be playing next Tuesday against Utah Texas still underdog right now by sound to you the battle of the use seven point underdogs the Texas Longhorns find them and it's going to be a pretty interesting game but we'll get to that in a lot lot more after this break we'll see a little bit okay you.

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