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Hello and welcome to earth Rangers podcast. I refrain Emily. Earth rangers. Earth Rangers love animals and take action to protect them. And we also love talking about nature and wildlife. What's the fastest animal in the world. What's a baby king group called our their dogs that can climb trees do butterflies like to eat butter. These kinds of questions fascinates and together we're gonna find the managers today. We'll start our quest for animal knowledge by investigating the largest land welling carnivore and will also meet a bird that has flippers instead of wings. But first it's time to play, who am I animal guessing game. Here's how it works. We're gonna play sound and you'll have to guess what animal that sound belongs to listen closely. And at the end of this episode, you'll find out if you were right ready. Here we go. Okay. I think I have an idea. We'll play it again for you in a little while, but now it's time for. Okay, close your eyes. And let me take you on a journey to the south pole. The production value on this podcast is amazing. I can feel the Antarctic killed the wind. Today we're talking Bill. Now penguins aren't there average Burke, they have wings, but rather than flying, they use them for swimming. In fact, their wings are basically flippers. This makes them great swimmers, especially when diving underwater. The fastest species the gen two penguin can reach speeds of up to thirty five kilometers per hour. That's about as fast as you going downhill on your bike at top speed. Emperor penguins are the tallest species standing nearly four feet tall. The smallest is the little blue penguin which is about sixteen inches. Wow, they were so cute. I wish you could see them. Actually, you can. You can find some adorable pictures as well as all the other pictures and videos from this episode at earth Rangers dot com. Slash podcast. Own all. There are seventeen species of penguins, and they can only be found in the southern hemisphere around the south pole. That means even though they share similar tastes when it comes to climate penguins and polar bears, literally live on opposite ends of the world from each other, which is funny because that kind of brings me to our next segment. Animal investigations on animal investigations. All right. So a couple of weeks back, we got this phone call here at the earth Rangers headquarters. Let me see. Oh yes. Here. Message. One. Hi, this is earth reinjured lawn eight years older than you guys came to school a few weeks ago. I was wondering if you could tell me why pull the has white for you guys know that cash stuff. Right. Okay. Very by. Polar bear for? Well, I mean, yeah. I mean, I totally know that kind of stuff. I'm just not one hundred percent. You know what? I'll just take my microphone and see who can answer this question around here. Bill, what do you think polar bears are? White has something to do with the snow. No. But I mean, what happens if the jump in the water? Did they turn blue. Christina. Do you think you can help me out? I'm trying to solve a mystery. Do you know why polar bears are white fire polar bears fight? No, I was asking you. I don't know. He, Lisa do you. Polar bears have white coats whether for white is actually clear and their skin is black. What black that didn't really help. I'm even more confused maybe a lesson of our earth Rangers members instead.

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