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We need some coal, up in here The disturbing reason heat. Waves can kill people in cooler climates this is from Signed is linked, record heat and power outages. In south in southern California to one is. Is is from Record, heat put thousands of. California's in the dark this from July ninth scientists predicted this from climate change well that's another, new, climate you're not setting records temperatures, shot up over one hundred ten degrees in southern California on. Friday obliterating all kinds of standing heat records and the lights went? Out for tens of thousands of. Customers so you broker at when? Was the last time you broke record probably eighteen, sixty. Eight or something where's the pattern of, global warming are we gonna have warm days in some places yes. But while it was warm, in California it wasn't breaking records all over the country all over the world and if. It's global warming wouldn't it, be global So you can go and pick little places on, a. See it's hot there well and you, see somebody where else it see it's unseasonably cool so what gives. We'll talk about all that, with the doctor Timbo Coming up at thirty five after this is you know obviously. I'm, I'm very interested in this this is a, red hot planet. All-time heat records have been set all over the world Washington Post This article Ridgely published Tuesday which roses. From this from July fifth was. Updated Wednesday to an all-time heat records at mount Washington, New Hampshire And in Georgia On Thursday the story was updated to include information on a heat related deaths in Canada An extraordinary heathens Siberia Says large areas of heat pressure or heat dome scattered around the hemisphere led. To the sweltering temperatures Canadian broadcast corporation reports the heat is to blame for at least fifty four, deaths in southern Quebec mostly, in and near Montreal which. Endured record high temperatures Well when. Was the last time they own and you see you see when they start beating records this beats, our record there was set, back in nineteen sixty one So it looks like everyone. How many years is that fifty some years we're going to set another. Record, there's a pattern for you see when they say this is when they give themselves away this beats our record set back in one thousand nine hundred sixty one well why didn't they beat a record that. Was set last year that beat a record that. Was set the year before that beat a record that was set the year. Before, if we're experiencing manmade global warming so you're telling me, the last time it was this hot, was nineteen sixty one. And you're telling me this is a pattern And you're telling me the we're causing it how in the world could. We, be causing it if it hasn't happened in fifty some years Montreal they had the highest temperature in recorded history dated back one hundred and forty seven years that's recorded history that's a blip folks a blip. And when was the last time they had something. This high well they don't tell you that because it makes them look bad But, you look at all these other ones in, Scotland northern I'm going then they, find different. Pockets where it's. Hot and then they'd say it's. An all time record and then you find out when it? Beat, the record in the last record was like nineteen sixty one Why are we why aren't we Setting records every year if we're, causing the planet? To heat up Dirt people explain that to me why is it we why are we setting records every year Well I don't, know, Phil I, mean you, know but his. Hot oh, yeah some some, years it's. Hot some news is not some. Us it's. Cold how about? That, well that's climate change. Ville. Yeah the climate changes all the. Time We'll. Get. Into this with Dr Tim ball He's got. A book out folks human caused global warming the, biggest deception in history? That's coming up next don't.

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