India, Bassett, Ganges Rivers discussed on Great Big History Podcast


Islam came through india originally in the six hundred's as part of the first wave of arab conquests it would retreat in the in the after the fall of the about not the bassett's the mayans and then it would come back from muslim what we call afghanistan but it wasn't afghanistan at the time but afghan turkish conquerors mahmoud the mughal 's these various conquerors that emanate from afghanistan come down the indus conquering northern india in this in the ganges rivers and there are times when they le live in relative peace and harmony and there are times when they do not but the relationship between islam in hinduism is one of conflict it's a foreign invader coming into india and imposing its will and so the history of india is one where in the breaks up we've talked about this in history wanna one india is united in india it breaks up it breaks up the pieces because of the geographic these religious these cultural divides and what happens is islam becomes entrenched in the indian middle and upper classes which makes complete sense does it in the middle east the idea is is on probably isn't going anywhere the government is is lamin and so if i wanna make money or i wanna be important i wanna be a mayor i want to be governor i've got to be muslim and so places with a large middleclass places that are tied to international trade which is now every everyone who surrounds india is now.

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