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Near the nation's capital that that's happening a lot on college campuses and he says many college students are cuddled by administrators when they try to shut down free speech sessions. Also laughed off and repeated a lock her up chant that event that Chen referring to Hillary Clinton President Trump's opponent in the twenty sixteen election was a staple of many Trump campaign rallies at the time. GOP congressional leaders continue to question the effectiveness of the president's tariffs just hours after the president tweeted, the tariffs are the greatest house speaker. Paul, Ryan telling reporters, I've made it pretty clear. I don't think tariffs are the right answer. I don't. I don't support tariffs. I think tariffs are taxes. Ryan says, the president's goal is right, but I think there are better tools to use to get them to play fair. The president is crediting tariffs with forcing other countries to come to Washington to negotiate fairer deals with Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes reporting. California's power grid operators are calling for voluntary electricity conservation measures as parts of the US south west brace for another day of scorching heat and some of the hottest we'll be in southern California. The worst, of the heat with respect. To how above average you did a little. Bit farther. To the south across. Southern California southern Nevada in. Southern Arizona, as a voice of Bob, Oravec with the national weather service the temperatures may actually be hotter in some other. Parts of the southwest especially in Arizona that's where in Phoenix is supposed to be about one hundred eight degrees today along the Texas. Border is should be about the same one hundred nine in parts of Utah and triple digit temperatures expected into Thursday of this week more of these stories could be.

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