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But obviously he learned a ton in that experience and so I think the point is that Greg Bert knows what he's getting into and it's very much kind of on his bucket list to get back to Europe. So again, we'll see what jobs open up. We'll see how long he's willing to wait. And then he can take it from there. That assuming that he decides that he does not want to continue with the USSF. So there's some things in motion here. There's some moving pieces. And again, we'll just have to wait and see how it shakes up. What do you think? Is he ready for a European coaching gig hurk? Sure. It's a wide net. I don't know. I don't know if he's ready to go. Then an international coach, do you think it fits his stuff? What are his club titles? No, he's got no time. But he's got much more experience there, at least there's more data to evaluate. So he's got no club titles, but he's got more international experience. More data. I don't know how it attractive he'd be for other for other entities like a Bundesliga or an era de vizier or premiere, whatever you want to whatever the case may be. What I can tell you is pretty evident that Greg burr halter may be very keen on this. He bent over backwards during the World Cup qualifying process to a lot of these European clubs. When the sporting director of wilsberg spoke out against John Anthony Brooks, he took him for his work. When Gio reyna was heard at Dortmund and they didn't want him to play much, he did the same thing. When Thomas Tuchel was worried about Christian political participation with the U.S. miss Nash team, there goes Greg berhalter again, bendy over backwards for these clubs. He's obviously tried to maintain and nourish these relationships. For what? Well, if you're angling at a job, there it is. Okay, so what are the kind of things that was said at the very beginning of berhalter's tenure? Actually, Carlos Cordero was still in charge. He talked about the style that Greg berhalter would bring to this team. And I think beyond that, there was this idea that Greg berhalter and this young group of players could change the way that the world views American soccer. I want to get Jeff's opinion on that. I want to get hurt your opinion on that. But first of all, let's hear an exchange with Virgil van DIJK from his press conference earlier today with a journalist that might just kind of inform us on what the rest of the world thinks.

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