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To pound North Texas on my training from the words of brothers roofing W. B. A. B. twenty four seven news desk classic Chevrolet dot com W. B. A. P. first traffic and weather on the ones in Dallas construction work on I. thirty five north bound between highway sixty seven eighth street also in Dallas we have the LBJ freeway eastbound that has a long term construction on the HOV lane so be aware of that Brad Martin live in the W. B. A. P. weather center we haven't had any new warnings in a while the latest warnings indicate the southeastward movement of this line of thunderstorms and there right now is a rag into kind of a ragged line almost an S. shaped curve was like a sea horse I guess from Emory up to about come B. Campbell green will and then it sinks back down to the south down through Quinlan the like to walk in a down toward the Sherilyn forty mystique while spring signal probably some of the strongest winds are a little bit south of I. twenty maybe down toward one seventy five a moving into Kaufman county which is under a warning until at twelve thirty about those pretty strong strong winds there this line of storms extends down through a Lancaster red oak also we have separate cells in now from Irving spreading back toward Arlington down along I. thirty and I. twenty in the eastern Cherokee county everything moving southeast by the way pretty good cell from Midlothian down to grand you'd make parole in the Northern Ellis county that's under a warning until twelve thirty as well meant a big storm that's covering parts of four counties actually this storm is kind of centered near Cresson so that would put it in hood county also Parker county southwestern Tarrant county in in Johnson County in this storm may be capable of producing Hey maybe up or golf ball size I don't have any confirmation of that but it's a big big thunderstorm cell as far as damage is concerned so far fairly routine we have reports of a tree down up toward the Lowry crossing on three eighty east of McKinney other reports of tree limbs down forty five thousand customers affected their own core customers affected with power outages across the area so fairly routine and the nothing really stands out in terms of the terrible damage but we did see some sixty to seventy mile per hour winds across much of the area Anderson golf ball sized hail earlier to the north west of Tarrant county that's what we have now will continue to watch the storms as they move to the southeast out of the area meantime Collin and Denton county you're pretty much in the clear and we will look for counties to be cleared from the severe thunderstorm watch across the year that extends all the way down to college station here within the next hour live from the WBAP weather center meteorologist Brad Martin right now thunderstorms seventy nine degrees at DFW airport potential meet shortages due to forced packing plant closures in the Midwest on president trump's reader Bob Costantini as more the president is allowing the secretary of agriculture to determine if the defense production act.

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