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He's not look very good at all. Uh, Brown paid pretty good run defense. They are a little shaky on the past, but I don't know that Jackson's gonna pull well enough to be a take advantage of that. And on the other side of the ball, the Browns offense is kicking. Um, you know, the run game is doing really well there. I say Mayfield's actually looking like you going to be able to have a point turn the corner and when some big games That said the staff instead of absolute crap out of me is the Browns are 1 10 and one against the spread over the last 12 verses of winning team, so exactly line up of success in this one. But I'm not even gonna go with spread. I'm going for the browns to went out, right? I'm taking him a plus 1 35 money line to win that game. Defend their home field. Get ready. Okay, so out Rights you got him on the money One. All right? I like that. I like that. Then the It's Ah, It's a little bit of gold. I mean, it seemed like the Ravens were able to kind of bounce back a little bit this last week. But as we kind of noted, you know, the Cowboys defense is not not exactly the best litmus test. You know they have 340 yards rushing against the Cowboys defense, and he always looked at the decent one defense. The past defense. It's been really bad. Yeah, but I don't know. I think the Browns and the Browns and for me to feel like they're finally ready to get it done. You'll see, We've got some news very quickly here before we let you go that Garrett Bolles just showed up on the injury report with an illness as he woke up Not feeling very well sound. I mean, we don't have any covert across the league. So all the games are good to go. So this is not covert related. But your bowls is now questionable for this game. But I don't know if this is a changes our perspective on this on the line or anything like that, then doesn't change anything for you. That would be a big loss for Denver. I'm not sure exactly what you would do out their left tackle. If you move Calvin Anderson out there. If Elijah's healthy enough to get to get out there ago, that's that's gonna be interesting that bears watching this morning. Definitely does. We got some bed, Fred boost anything that you're specifically really excited about this morning, Brian. Yes, well, the first thing I want to say is we are often a free back on the on the Broncos game. So you used the code beat cheapie at all caps. B E A. T. C P. You get a $25.3 bed on the Broncos game. That doesn't require deposit. Um, if you have any count, don't have any challenges Set one up, and you can use that code. Um some other boost. You know, we've got we've got some, You know the favorites boost Um Sorry. One second I was lost. I lost my I had my Internet. Okay. Okay. Let's think memory just like a dolphin's cover boots. So if you eat the Dolphins, you know can cover plus 10 1 minus 1 80 now minus 1 50 Right Here it is. The favorite Moneyline parlay is always a good one to use the Cardinals. Bucks. Texans all win. Was, plus 3 10 now, plus 3 50. Then you know, kind of going into the Steelers game that we talked about The Steelers to win was plus 1 10, plus 1 35. So if you want to pay them Um you get that, plus 1 35 to be good to go there, Ugo fade Been hashtag fade, Ben. I thought like that You could start that hashtag. You can throw the hashtag right after you lose yourself some money. Outstanding, Brian. Always Good. Thank you Gonna get this tweet set out so we can try to get 100 likes on our bet. Fred Sports picks for charity. Browns in the Moneyline Bills, minus 1.5 cowboys minus three. Just confirming that with you that good Yeah, we're gonna go. All right. We got 100 likes on that. And they'll double it up. Thank you so much, Brian. Appreciate you all right? You too, Brian. Bit again. Following on Twitter at Betfred. Brian B r Y a n really good things will react to that will round out. The rest of the picks for week. 14 stick around right? Never been given Albright the Bedford Sports opening line on.

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