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So I have about lease Golly the Tin Tin Fifteen Then I usually get my lilies from plant cells or from C. Collection Accent that I have purchased either through The Lily Society International Society and the majority are impacts which my wife is not really happy everyday right which is so funny. I think that's that's cool but the reason why the impact is because my The soil that I have is is not on fast. Doesn't have a the best drainage and that's the the most important key for release on on that you have to have perfect vantage and I can create that through a container or a pot so oh delays that I I do Garden with our limpert. Lenin which is the easiest one I would say and I would have to Kinda though that out There because leaser not necessarily for the beginner gardeners. They are very temperamental. But that's what I love about them because It's almost like I'm raising up a child little bit if that makes sense because I have to monitor monitor them you know how how much water they get especially after the rain stops from seed until they flower which is amazing Reward if you if you had opportunity to do do that growing things from sees alone actually you know or a corn you know war Mazza Nita's anything like that you know and so are okay so it is hard and it takes time. Tell us about did you. Have you grown apart item from seed. Yes yes so talk about that process like how. How what did you prepare The the soil bed with DESCR. Yeah describe how the whole the whole process because it's it's a couple years ears right usually takes about a three to four years five years. Yeah so you think of it that way you gotta be really committed. Don't forget about them. Right so I usually so if one of my milley's has been pollinated produces fruit I usually captured the seas when the seeds ripen. I put in the frigerator the freezer until I'm ready. You know to fees the seat because the seat is still vital I have a medium him of soil of potting soil sand and lava rock a clean lab Iraq that allows change and put the seas either sometimes climbs on top or underneath a little bit of the soil. Both of those work in the fall right and I once the rain starts art. I'm I'm gone. I'm watching Netflix. I'm you know his like Bacon. Handle that wind. The rain stops though. Usually around around may on the nonce. When I'm out there watering the hub? The ceilings for about you know two two weeks Let them dry and then water them back and the tricky part is in the summertime so usually for for Wetland lease which the wetland lillies are apart align. The Lewis said you would find near the creek or on a a moist meadow so They can you know be watered usually once a week for the dryland. Lend lease once. The Summers starts in the rain is done. I don't water them And just once a month so for seedling. I have to be very careful because they're very young and I have to monitor them sometimes. So you just have to go with your gut. What what you're seeing you know when they become about a two years old I transferred them and to a bigger pot and usually They should be fine. I'd give him just a little bit of Fertilizer feeds them. What kind what? Kind of either Equal so everything should be equal. Tinton ten right Everything should be Kosovo. They're getting the same amount of minerals and metals as well in in the the soil for The lily part of line family. Which I think is the easiest one and for anybody who wants to start there please you you will be rewarded with that They loved to be sometimes crowded around a they have a abol that will continue on youtube build a colony or what I would call right by semantic bulb which is amazing that on the if the you know if your viewers ticked opportunities Google that the image of that is gorgeous. The bubble wound is just amazing on and it is forms as colony You can divide them every three to four years and plant them up again if you so you would like to. If you have a site in your garden that has perfect drainage I would do it to spe- Weary a of if you have gophers you can put a man go for basket. Yeah definitely if you're going to grow something from seed for four years put it into gopher basket people the ex exactly and sees a very expense really really cheap inexpensive so seeds could be two dollars players but for a bolt if you would purchase a bulb at nursery usually. It's about ten dollars right so they can get really really infringe share. That's how it would say it really expensive very dear yes very dear Or the drive in the lease as if you're cutting with those..

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