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My Grandma was in my Waco was an interracial relationship in the show is illegal and You Know Hermit grumpy were in love doing this and living here and and it was crazy and then you hear my mom's experiences mixed kid when it was like for her. You know looking Spanish and dealing with color ISM and racism and just like you know nightmares by the KKK. You hear this stuff and you're like wow. This is interesting. This is insane. What People's experiences are like and I think it's interesting. I think it's important to know where you come from and ask those questions. I wish. Twenty three and me. It could be a little bit more damn accurate. I don't know how it can be accurate for people of Color for black people. I don't in America. I don't know how it can be. How how do they know? My sister's reading a book right now called slave ship in a talks a lot. Super Super Technical like informative book. It's not like a fun fun. Read and she's reading this book and it talks about like I guess like the mechanics of how the slave ships run and who was on them. And why and how they were able to get so many people onto these these ships because we just think oh we just went capture people now. It was a little bit more like Indepth than that and she's learning all about that she was like. Yeah you know they were going from Port to port. How are they? You know what I mean like. How do you track? There was no tracking and then even once the the slaves were brought here to the US. They didn't document when people were being born. There are no birth records in verse certificates. I don't think my GRANDPA had a birth record. I don't I'm pretty sure he didn't And I think they didn't know how old he won his siblings. They didn't know how old they were because there was no documents. So how the Hell is twenty three and me? Then you tell me about myself when America wasn't even looking at people black people until it like you know what I mean like. They weren't even tracking shit ever from from lake the jump they were never tracking stuff at least not in a in a profound way so I mean they could maybe tell me. Answers may be are from that. Like how were they? I have no idea and then you hear Oh yeah. They're selling information in Okay you know what fuck it? I just won't know where the hell is going to have. I think ancestry dot com does like the tree. Mapping that seems a little bit more safe But again you're only gonNA go so far exactly because then like you said like they don't have birth certificates and black people also did not fill out the census because we were fearful in. They knew how many people were in our house. They will come to get us or they wouldn't use utilize your senses because that's what Dot Com uses. They used the sentences so if I was. If my grandparents weren't considered people they went beyond the census because if they're considered best not the sentence is taken account of the people in the property and then in Dan. If you if you were fearful that they knew how many black people were in your house. They would come to get you. And then goes into more systematic things like gerrymandering in how they with voter suppression. Which still happens today? It's just so much that gives baked into that so I don't trust that twenty three and me I don't trust is dot com. None of that. I don't trust that as the memories. And the regulation of my grandparents and my you know my parents. Unfortunately I'm like the So most people like most of my my grandparents. They were very old by the time. I came around so memory and things like that. Don't serve you as well but now I rather listen to straight from shape from source. Why why am I trying to stress the system that wasn't created to by Countess is people? Tell me what my ancestors were like. There's now but finding at Ellis Island for my periods for migraine. Mary's Migrate Green. Is True. Ester not yeah my my The only reason why ancestry worked out for us in in a small because my grandma was white and there was documentation for parts of her family but because they emigrated here from Ireland. There's only so much and they were able to. I think they're able to surpass one of the island thing because they had X. amount of money and they were able to go around. I don't know it's interesting a lot of interesting but I think at the end of the day you need to know where you come from and you need to continue to read and learn. That's why there's a lot of podcasts. I don't know if you've heard When you talk about bloody Sunday I didn't know a lot about bloody Sunday. At least I didn't remember from schooling but Did you listen to the podcast show or have you heard of one called white lies? No I haven't I. I knew more about bloody Sunday because of Selma the right right. It directly yeah. I'm watching them. My Hoda Montgomery Alabama. Mom She was Yup. Yeah that that movie talks about buddy Sunday bloody Sunday because bloody Sunday sparked a Lotta Shit. And what's interesting is that that podcast was about two white guys who were fairly young. I don't think they're like thirty five there to white dudes who I guess. Were born there But now live somewhere else. Whatever and they went back in tried to investigate what the hell happened because all that shit popped off because this white dude and I can't remember his name right now at all super like you know basic. It's like I don't remember but he he died right because he's whites jumped in the white guys wrath. Is I guess it was a restaurant he got jumped or the three of them are forum? Think there was two or three of them. They got jumped by like four or however many white dude's jumped on because they came to help. Martin Luther King hit others like A. We need help down here. Come down and they're like bet so they came down to Montgomery. I think one of them's from Boston. Where my my family was from. And he comes down there and then shipped POPs off. They leave a restaurant. They get jumped. Somebody dies and they're trying to figure out who did it and they didn't know this whole time. This should happen like a million years. They didn't know and so these white dudes went down there and it's crazy because they were able to figure out what the hell happened. Now sucked you. You've gotTA LISTEN TO PODCASTS. Everybody listening needs to listen to this. Podcast it is so well done. I thought it was super interesting. It was very informative and they were able to layer. It really really well But like this is a candidate that we need to be listening to. This is the kind of stuff we need to be like paying attention to because it affects our reality and In our experience as we walk through life and I think whether it you know history based or it's personal you know like to are specific families. It's so interesting to learn and I recommend it like one thousand percent. Listen to it may be twenty last year. I think into it last year. I don't know how many episodes it is but Yeah they find out some really interesting stuff in a mechanism. They solved it but they definitely made some moves that Apparently the FBI put it make when the FBI attempted to try to close the loop there so totally worth a listen but anyway so I wanted to ask you why you why you chose. Finance as your specialty. Was there any history or any like reason growing up? We were like yeah finances. My Jam or numbers are jammed Get into that so I I like to say I'm the product of what happens when you actually teach your children about money and I am a started learning finance in accounting when I was in like tenth grade so I'm Young Sam. Twenty four but I've been studying finance and accounting for the past. Ten Years Tenth Grade is when I started bad hammer. Hit TWELFTH GRADE ACTED. Do Basic Accounting. Well actually not academic Counting Twelfth Grade In. I was learning about insurance in how those things are all of that when I was still in high school and it was always interesting to me liked how systematically worried and it's really funny because my sister before I went to college I told her I was gonNA major in accounting. And she was like you know you're going to really have to love math and you're gonNA really have to love the Levy to to study accounting. And it's funny because I'm terrible at math like out calculus geometry all of that. None of that make sense to me but money always made sense to me in him. I have always liked how how moved in the system so my parents are come from a two parent household. My my parents are regular blue. Collar work areas in Actually my dad worked two fulltime jobs to you know provide for us in. I'm super grateful for that. But my mom was actually the first holder so my mom taught taught me about many he has. That's what she likes to do. Sheila she was the one who controlled the finances. You know typically in most households. The man is who makes the money and maintains the many things like that but it was my mom so growing up. I didn't realize but I have always in my mind seeing women as the parts holders in the finance people because that was who she was in I I learned about mutual fines and savings account secured loans. All of those things was was from my mother because she just liked money bed. She had little formal training. She did college for like a year but most of it was self tied in. She learned how to flip her money. Make money work for her in. She is how I really got into understanding basic things about money in got the formal training from the accounting side in the finance which finances much harder for me because finance actually involves much more cabinet much. More Agile in formula's been accounting accounting is like if you're not add subtract multiply divide. You can really be in accounting like it's more of how the system works and that was what attractive. Visa Cownie so a long winded thing to my mom in In my teacher when I got put into a county fun story I was when I was in tenth grade. You know you get those electives Ray in basis Putney in accounting and allied Albuquerque's turnouts like okay. Well I'm only going to be here two weeks when they change my schedule because I don't want to be a hand. The two ended up for the next three years. I was taking the different levels of a county and data and then the rest is history. I got into personal finance and and I love it. I like teaching people about many. But not in the restrictive since I love teaching people how to use money to benefit their lives and to protect their family in their at their own selves. None this awesome. Yeah and it's crazy how you can be in one class and the next thing you know it. It helps turn a page for you and you ended up turning a corner in your own in your own life. Really rank affects your whole life but your career and in your schooling. So I think that's really cool that you were able to at least ride it out and then you ended up liking it and it turned into something. I love when that happened. Yeah Yeah why? Flex crazy but really. What do you know is a fourteen year old tenth grade students? I don't know anything and then you know you don't really know much manure like a eighteen year old college student neither so confused. Learning Bang absolutely. Yeah and I think there's a I think a lot of differences between different types of people in finance right and because I had jackie from sugar and money on and she does personal financing but she blogs a lot and she..

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