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As environmentally sustainable because what are you what house the left going to answer that that's, I guess if you look, for example. With the, oh I can't think of what, they call it the the urban growth boundary for example in in. Many liberal cities in Portland is one of them with the, urban growth boundary then. What you're saying is the city. Can only be so large so if you're going? To have, which has skyrocketed as, as, when I used to work there we. Talked, about right really increase you know a property values because you're limiting you know where people can actually in developers can actually build will if you're doing that with. Environmental. Sustainability does comes into effect Population where do we put people yeah How's that not hit California? Yet I don't know Well they're still trying, to clean the Stuff off the streets But you have. More and, more people of course California has LA San, Francisco major cities But you can't, forget about, the environment You know I, I was thinking that since the the, the, state supreme court in California said no To the the three states, solution Yeah right I'm sorry I'm thinking Israel and Palestinian the two. State solution Californians three state solution they were at the six state solution now. Down to the, three state, solution and now they're you know did was anybody mentioning California will that can't get through then. Just total, secession from the US I mean are they back to that now because I haven't. Heard this decision from California. Anymore that hasn't. Been annoying thing they were really it seemed like they were focused on the three states solution But from. The union has. That has that lost has seceding from the union lost its I guess this, momentum in California the last couple of months no but it will in November twenty twenty Quite possibly Well. I'm sorry it won't lose. Its steam it will regain steam in. Twenty twenty it's not. Completely, gone oh you mean Wins again yes quite possibly. Yeah if is the operative if Trump. Arte if how can. You, imagine how Twenty twenty. How did you just read right, now I'm, thinking to myself wow well we came up with one idea you know yesterday and you. Get. You know. It, has to. Be. Con- really to produce, the Trump song, like they did for Obama yes Now that would be pure entertainment but. Seriously You're going to need shoulder pads and, a helmet If you're going to go outside in the, event that Donald Trump wins in November twenty twenty It is just going to be chaos Complete, you here, I and. LeBron I mean Camilla Harris Cory Booker And that's that's, it, right now right I mean I know Biden and you know they're they're talking Biden and Bernie and all you. See, Cortez. And is. Going out with Bernie on a socialist tour. Well, sure they're gonna they're gonna run out in a socialist tour well? You're? The one that, did suggested, Bernie Cortez yesterday. And who knows right he's, trying to, you know Alexandria a, case yo Cortez is hitting the, national, campaign trail this week with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to stump for other leftwing candidates even as he upstarts twenty-eight-year-old. Democratic, socialist. Rising profile. Continues to rankle top Democrats Sanders Sanders and. Cortez, are expected to campaign on July twentieth for to congressional candidates seeking, to? Unseat Republican incumbents, in Kansas But Cortez's all such a support several progressives seeking to supplant democratic incumbents elsewhere. Alarming..

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