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And I haven't had a chance to chat with this. Week. But I know I'm curious to get his thoughts reaction about these new proposed changes that's gone to experiment with this spring and the summer in the Atlantic league Lend Lease like a triple A independently. But they're going to do all these unbelievably, well, I don't know. That's the word is controversial changes to a guest improve quote unquote, the game of baseball. They're gonna use a robo. Meaning they're gonna use track men's who to call balls and strikes instead of umpires they're going to push the mound back to sixty two feet six inches. I guess in an attempt to make it easier to hit to get rid of infielders shifts. They're going to implement a three better three better minimum appearance for relievers. It goes on it's really going to be unusual against gonna start in the Atlantic league this spring and summer, so we'll see what would have put the store with that. As they try to for some reason try to improve. And I put that in quotation. The game of baseball. My guest right now is Dan gray, the founder and owner pro swing baseball and softball trading center amount Kisco porchester, we're talking about his new book, the youth baseball bible and as as advertised and this guy right back to our calls. Let's go to let's go to Ed ward over to Elizabeth, Ed. Good morning, you're on the fan. This is a great topic for me to talk about. I am so old school with baseball. All these changes are ruining the gay. You know? What's amazing? We just lost a great coach. And I'm sure you're wherever Rick Fred help passed away to the legendary baseball coach Rutgers University. I'm well aware that yes. And he was one of the best in the country at teaching game of baseball with the fundamentals doing things the right way and all that stuff. So I know he we had conversations about this. He wasn't happy. But it was interesting without a college baseball game Rampal college play Joe's from Brooklyn. And it was great to see hit and run slashing safety squeezing with the way the game should be played in all that stuff. Right. And I know it's crazy the way the game is changing with the analytics and launch angles and all that stuff. I feel it's just ruining the game. And you know, like damn brought up that break point. The guy was upset because he had a sacrifice black. Well, when you're an old school coach, you're happy with that. You're happy. You're happy when the infield backup grandpa trading out for a running. But the way the game is changing. I actually feel it. It's actually ruining the game. Well, there's a lot of people feel the same way. And thank you as always for the call, Dan. Oh, I know how you feel about this. I'm not sure you feel as being ruined. But certainly, it's it's being changed. That's for. Sure. Well, record another quick story. I have a couple of kids who who pitch up at your alma mater, and it at Harvard, and they came in before they went back up for the for the season this winter, and they were telling me that that the, and you can just imagine that your alma mater, what you know, how advanced this is they were talking about a few of the kids that are that are are studying the analytics of the game, and they said that in the next five years or so there's really going to be three outcomes per hitter a Walker strikeout or a home run. So far. If if if everybody is excited and happy about that, then fantastic. But I'm not sure that as you said in quotes it improves the game, you know, in the long run. Let's go to another old school guys. Go to Jack Smith and over in fairlawn, Jack. Yeah. I'm sure you concur law that these changes are going to run on the Atlantic league is not going to necessarily improve the game of baseball. Yeah. You know? It's funny. First of all, I just want to let you know that scouts very upset with us. Just. Oh boy. Came up. Now, it's two hours early this morning. So Dan, I understand what you're talking about two at this hour early. But once again Zach played any Alantic league, you know, and and, you know, those are the places I guess to experiment, but you know, what talking back I always wanted to write a book. And and Rick knows it's Dan in the name of my book is going to be it's all in the head hitting. And and and the funny thing about it is we don't watch kids play the game. Like when I go to watch a game. I watched the way they they cut the corner at first heading in that straight line to second where the cutoffs are going. You know, it's not just about the hitting and about, you know, the home runs and everything the old school baseball is old school. You know, it's it's it's what we taught in. And it's not being it's not being taught enough my getting back to the the series thing and the success level. I how baseball actually teaches failure more than it teaches success. But one of the things I used to do with my with my hitters. Is every time they got up and hit the ball Vard. I put it in green dot next to that back. And when it came to me, he goes coach, I'm all for twenty one. You know, what I did is I gained the definition of success? Most coaches think success is is getting on base getting basic you batting average being high. It's not about that. It's about like you talked about before about putting the ball to right field to move that run. It a third base instead of second base things like that. So every time that a kid you hit a ball hard. I put a little green dot. And I said, you know, what am I your Larry successful? But I'm all for twenty. They said well look at this. And of your last twenty I bet you hit the ball hard thirteen times. That's excess. Yeah. No don't don't be so concerned with the batting averages. Your RBI's, you know, watch the player play like you guys said before and Rick like, we said, you know, we are old school and one of the things that I do in most of my lessons. Now is I teach bunting I teach how to put the ball down for base it infrastructure and understanding that if you're gonna fail, you know, sale with success. Well, let's play the ball. And jack. Thank you as always for for your your mother. Welcome. Thank you, Jack. And Dan, you know, I'm curious when the kids come to you today, you know, young kids middle school high school. Do you teach them about hitting and running and hitting the ball behind the runner at second base? Do you teach them those fundamentals that's still being taught? Or is it something? That's just well, you know, the kids aren't going to respond to it. So is that just gone by the boards? Well, it for the most part it has. I mean, I try and and and I think you, and I are what I call transitional guys. Meaning we're trying to keep a connection between the old school values in ways of the game that Jack just talked about, and what is going to allow these kids to be successful from evaluation standpoint for again what's important valued in the game today. So it's not specifically talking about hey, they hit and run. Run or to get him over or get him in. But about again, a mindset of taking a good approach being selective in definitive in an attack zone at tags on that you can drive a ball. And then just try to baxman that ball and hit it hard somewhere. I mean, that's you know, again as Jack talked about trying to have a quality at that doing that. Again, there's a little bit of a different definition for that as far as quality at back now than when you when I played I get a lot of times. It's the first or second pitch. But if you can get a kid to try to stay in a specific zone where he can battle up the ball and backspin you've kind of done your job. It's it's unfortunate. But this showcase our that's that's prevalent now and has been for the last fifteen years or so again, there's not a lot of value placed on on the things that you and Jack talked about as far as on the defensive side or the offensive side. Yeah. And that that's exactly what has been taking place as you point out. The showcase mentality is the the kids come in for. A weekend. Or so there are evaluated in terms of their speed arm strength power at the plate that kind of stuff with the risen really much in terms of getting a sense of how the youngster actually plays the game and terms on a pitch by pitch situation. It's just like, okay. Well, the numbers look good. So therefore, he must be a good baseball player. And yes. And Rick not to interrupt. But that you know, again, when you when you're going to these different tournaments and showcases, you know, this is why you have for example, team defense, you have outfielders that don't know how to play the the fence or the wall or don't know really the the value and use of of Kaufman because a lot of times you can't take infield outfield as a coach you're running on the field at the end of field. Your game is being timed. You've got all these people that are watching your players from behind home plate. And again, I think the the the the little parts of the game the finer nuances and points that the callers have talked about they get overlooked and undervalued. One of the things that I imagine the the smaller parts of the game, which is still essential. Just a personal observation and this is just anecdotal. It's not something I can point to in terms of the survey or research, but it seems in recent years damn that kids today in high school have a particularly difficult time and catching fly balls that this windy that day or there a high sky with the sun. It's like a venture for them. Whereas wouldn't perhaps when you're going up or I was growing up in pretty much catching a fly ball was pretty pretty easy nowadays, it seems like that's a whole generation has learned how to had a Nassar that skill. Well, again, I I again, I just don't think there's a lot of emphasis in value put on it. You know, there's there's people are worried about you know, trying to get the guys on the mound that can throw with high velocity. And they're worried about the power numbers on the offensive side. And again, I just don't think there's a lot of time spent on on those kind of things on you know, you're a middle infielder. The value of learning your partner on the other side of the. Bag to try to get comfortable in turning double plays or again outfield is working together and communicating again. I think those are those are aspects of the game that that, you know, people coaches, and and people that are in the game. Just don't feel that that there's time needed and should be spent doing those certain things. Yeah. I am. Thank you mentioned live and talk about hitting today. We're talking, of course, with Dan gray pitching, for example. I mean, the pitchers today the young kids coming up we all know about the epidemic. Tommy, John surgeries. When you get a kid is in high school who obviously has some ability. You talk to him about, you know, you don't have to throw a full max on every pitch. You have to actually teach the kids that the teach them how to pitch a what's been your experience with young young high school pitchers. Well, yeah, it's, you know, first and foremost, you know, you try to teach the kids that the most important part. And again, the book is really based on eight and nine year olds to twelve year olds on on what you and I would consider the modified shield, the the the real focus should be on trying to pound the strike zone through creating an efficient consistent delivery on release going. So that you can do that. And you know, it's very difficult nowadays when you have all the radar guns, and and you know, spin read and all that stuff to try to keep those kids focused on the point that most of the guys even in the big leagues as they get older, and you can look at she tobac- or Justin Verlander these guys that used to throw nine..

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