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An omnipotent presence like lashley holding your secondary title now you have a guy who was much more believable to win or lose it matt rid of holding it so you can cycle that title around and kind of build a little bit of credibility of something is an ostry because last they really should have been handy world title picture. You know all along like this is kinda felt like a placeholder held the belt for one hundred and forty five days which was like the longest run in six years. Which kind of shows you how that belt bounce around a lot So it makes the on rental. It makes sense to move forward with that division for the mid card. Ebola bobby up next. Watcher was for the dividend women's tag team championship. Ni- jackson shayna baszler defending against sasha banks and bianca bel air. We didn't predict this matches. It was announced. I believe on friday. Smackdown ni- jackson shannon baiser got the victory here and retain the championship. mattress fine. Reginald causes sasha banks to bianca bel air to lose a match when he attempts to give sasha bottle of wine to us in the match and sasha refuses niger drops a snowdrop on sasha for the win I dunno i just this entire pay per view basically. It was like planting seeds for the next. You know for wrestlemainia season. Dr which is strange to do on a pay per view. But i totally get it. Really no in-depth thoughts here outside of that to be honest with you end up. I don't like knives leg. Drop your true. He gets four inch. Vertical leap on that thing So But i don't get it. I mean i get the whole. They're mixing red children's and makes sense but nothing about it felt good. He's like his basically like a we. We got these. Four women is setting up a wrestlemanias season like the match itself was okay But it just there is no tension in there this some of these together the last minute. So there's no real storyline other than sasha bianca and apparently reginald It was actually getting more teatime carmelo right now which is kind of said. It was just a one of those. It was just filler for the sega. Filler to maybe advanced wrestlemania storyline. That didn't even really get advance on the show because the at the end the match. It was bianca's sasha both yelling reginald. They were yelling at each other. So i i really don't get the point of that match. Yeah i think of this. Is that the females. Pay per view was like planting seeds We saw that in. The first hour is planting seeds for wrestlemainia. Be wasted like six other people that do that. this match. I think they're going to be doing something. With original. for wrestlemainia i dig. Dig the character. I think he's very talented and in what he's been doing in the ring so far and seems to be really taking a moment. That probably wasn't ever thought to be is as big as it potentially could be and Doing really well with it so props hamper. Taking advantage of this opportunity will see things. Go moving forward. But i just didn't see them drop in the championship on sunday because they have the mattress kodi and raquel gonzalez anex. They spent days prior setting up that match Then finally here. Elimination chamber match for the new championship. Drew mcintyre aj styles. Jeff hardy radar and jameson kofi kingston dot. Try both had drew mcintyre and dramatic targa. The victory arraigned randy was eliminated. I go kingston second jeff. Hardy third shameless forth And then a j styles. Fifth shaimaa mcintyre with a brogue kick. But it was spoiled by phenomenal forearm from styles to eliminate mcintyre excuse me to eliminate shameless mcintyre catches styles with a mid air. Klay more kick for the win and then lashley comes out. Tax mcintyre post-match so that ms could cash money in the bank briefcase as we saw leading into this match. Mvp talking to the miz which then took us to drew mcintyre defending the w. e. championship against the miz. We obviously did not predict that match. The ms one became new. Doubtedly champion He takes advantage of bobby lashley. Sbt manager mcintyre becomes the new champ and for those keeping track at home we had a w. e. champion match one the win about thirty seconds and a universal champion match. That went about a minute and thirty seconds so a little over two minutes at a pay per view to one on one world title matches went less than about two minutes and fifteen seconds Which has to be a trivia answer at some point in some sort of wrestling trivia contest. dr trae your thoughts and limitation shaver match. Your thoughts of the ms become a new w. e champion. Take it away my friend. Yeah i mean. I like this chamber matched better than the first one Storytelling that was all well and good. i was a little surprised that it came down to drew in aj. Because i mean you saw the tension with shame by the way that the shot of shame. It's with his face away from the ring with his hands on the lexi. Glass does that to me is great visual storytelling. I thought it should come down to shame and drew. Because that's the way the story line going but you know it's fine age as phenomenal as we all well know and then you almost rippin the plexiglas off so aj can get out early sick of situation. Now fantastic i thought it was. I thought it was a good chamber mash. Not you know not great. But just above average With with lashley jumping drew mcintyre and the miz cashing in. I thought that was great other than i think. This is the first pay per view in six. That i didn't pick them is the cash in and this is what he so. It's not low pressure but you know getting the ms. Even if he's just a transitional champion on top for all the hard workers put in the last three or four years united. Say here's the guy should be the champion Zia finally pay off in the storytelling on monday. I thought was great so It closed out. What was probably a really average to below ever show on a high note at least yet this show overall. We'll get to it now Predictions record. I went to dr trae. Went three and one. I'm seventeen in sex on a year. Dr trae fifteen eight match. The night i had the drew mcintyre styles. Jeff hardy ran during shaimaa kofi kingston elimination chamber match the event radio. I gave three point two out of five. I did not feel great about the show. I think this is one of the more blache shows that they've had probably since god dr try. I don't know if i would say helena sell in october of last year. Maybe the extreme rules that that was that july show I felt like they've been doing really well since rains came back. Maybe i wasn't a big fan. Helena solid october. The extreme rules in july was blah This this show was definitely like basically like a buffer setting up for the future Nothing really poignant outside of ms finally cashing in and becoming a two time champion. But i gave it three point two. And i gave it to the raw limitation chamber match. What say I gave it a point nine. I thought it was below average Tonight was ms cashing in mcintyre. So i guess technically that's a match so but that's more out of you know being a fan of the biz and the whole you deserve type of thing that that just kind of made might night a little more bearable ever realize airways two and a half hours on pay per view but by the way to a half minutes into title matches.

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