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No not right right he's not playing greg hardy once he got he got a second chance dallas he blew that and you can't convince me there wasn't a team in the league that was like that he probably can help us for some heating and by the way i wouldn't advocating greg hardy another chance and neither he nor i are comparing peaceful protests domestic violence but the point being there have been guys have been with a wink and nod blackballed and maybe you support those guys being blackballed eric reed who by the way had one of the most eloquent quotes about this of anybody eric reed said he's listen i work i i love myself i love my body but i work every single day to get my body better to get my skill set better why can the same not apply to my country i love my country but i work every single day to make my country better why can we not do the what athletes do or selves apply to us citizens like he has been the few times he has talked he's been thoughtful if if he doesn't get a spot in this league man that is to me it will be it will be even more bothersome than than cap because at least cap you can you can squint hard enough at backup quarterback there would be a lot of media surrounding he has been i mean cap is is leaning into it now he wore the coon to contain shirt to the deposition with bob mcnair like there are the cap is not doing everything he can to get back in the league whether he should have to or shouldn't have to none of that applies to just keep in mind that it's only week into free agency and there's a good chance he could possibly get signed.

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