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And mr richardson is it has been in the custody of the great state of florida for a host of reasons the courage of which is second degree murder tang prior to that he was under lock and key for a number of drugrelated charges but the one that earned him his current stay was the shooting in the head of a prostitute in may of twenty tan in the dispute over drugs now i look towards records and i found some i would say some interesting connections between him and the daytona beach serial killer and i'm not saying it's him but this is one of those guys regal holy crap i wonder this kind of matches up because he was in jail from december fourteenth of two thousand four until october 23rd two thousand in five and then our first victim was killed on the 24th of december two thousand five two months after he got out he also went back into jail on august first of two thousand six and he didn't get out of jail until february 16th of two thousand eight which rules him out four stacy gauge but as i said i don't i not sure that i wanna lump stacy gagen with the first three killings but it it makes him available four b in the bad guy because he did shoot a prostitute in the face he has no qualms about shooting somebody in the face and when he doesn't get what he warns.

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