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That time. She was committed to a psych ward. And I say something about that whole situation. I've known Richie sambora longtime. I'd never ever heard him say one bad word. I know and he killed him that he had to leave that relationship. Yeah. Because he he absolutely loves that daughter. He was the he's the reason that she's basically turned out the way she has. She's a great girl. It's a sad story. It's getting ugly in the case of family. Casey. Kasem widow says his kids ordered doctors to basically pull the plug. She calls it murder his three kids from his first marriage, accused Jeanne Cason the second wife of elder abuse. And they say they had to step in lawsuits have been flying for the four years since the death of the American top forty hosts Jim Cason now tells forty-eight hours that it was always about the money for the kids. Plus there's now an investigation she says by thirties in Washington state where he died remember for a while. She took his body out of state because the kids wanted to have it here. He made it. Before an autopsy buried in Norway. Yeah. She took it out. She was traveling with it. And then brought him brought it over to Norway never even been the Norway. There's no they don't know anybody in no way. Well, just had him buried in Norway's though. I guess the kids couldn't get do it. I happen to be watching forty eight hours at the end of the show Saturday night. And I goes, and they had the preview of that, man. I'll tell you what you don't wanna miss that thing recorded. It should be really interesting on Jimmy Kimmel Bono and Farrell did the BG's day in alive..

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