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Gotta guess today. Fill the tronto phil welcome. How are you wonderful steve. Thank you for having me today. Wonderful wonderful here guy. He's from he's from texas fills from texas now. Just joking feel welcomed from new york right long mastic long island long massive you there we go so fill east coast guy like me. Let me tell you a little bit about them. Smart guy man feels got an mba from the distinguished hofstra university. We'll fail famous for maybe jets training camp. I knew that little trivia. Nfl fans out there. Anyway I spent seven years. Seven years researching analyzing colleges and speaking to hundreds of college students and staff to understand the strengths and weaknesses of these universities created a company called planning and vision. Llc we're going to get into that his mission to help families and students prepare to optimize their investment in college. I want to underline that word. Investment people think of it that way and he provides them with the competitive edge and career. Planning which is pretty important right Coach phil users strategic data driven methods to identify the best college fit for each prospective student with a contri- thrive academically and socially and within a family budget. So all these things are critical right. What's the average college costing more quarter million dollars. I don't know right. So the average cost is Thirty eight thousand five hundred a year but only half. The students are graduating for years. So then why not actually by five or six potential budget. So we're talking now. Two hundred and forty thousand dollars for.

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