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And east entrance was the Washington which quarterback it's big virtuosity I'll say Easton I think Houston's gonna end up going for something he seems a little bit more you know you got a higher ceiling skilled yeah the word you're looking for skilled well he's also bigger is our yeah yeah so I think he's got a higher ceiling yeah and I in the draft and if the bears would go into a quarterback I know what Cappy had what's his name on a lot of speed yeah it allows he's like why would take quarterback call why would you take a quarterback with why why would she take quarterback you're talking about a team that hasn't had a quarterback should sid Luckman and certainly hasn't been able to address you know I love Jay Cutler when he was here I thought that yeah I do I thought he had the skills to be a tremendous quarterback it didn't work out you got to one end of C. championship game I thought they should have been better they weren't life goes on all right they have been able to draft a quarterback okay and the team that has been able to draft quarterback since you got sid Luckman in there you've gotta go head you've got to address the position every single hired you can try why wouldn't you this year of all years especially if their plan is going to draft a quarterback the matrix I don't think there's any demand for Mitchell Trubisky out there I don't think there is either if I believe some of the rumors they've asked teams about him and nobody had any interest in acquiring data nobody wants nobody wants they see all the shortcomings in Chicago he gets the benefit of the doubt nationally everybody knows with Mitch Trubisky yes we'll continue the conversation about could the bears actually be in the market for a quarterback in the draft is that why he's yes or NO considering how little a draft equity they have going into next month and next month's draft will discuss coming up next yes Chicago sold for sports Chicago's home for sports using your home through your smart speaker just ask Alexa.

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