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Support for this npr podcast and the following message come from morgan stanley is alternative energy really alternative anymore here the full podcast at morgan stanley dot com slash podcast morgan stanley and co llc membership ache hey you're listening to the world cafe i'm talia slanger today on the show a conversation with bornes born latest album blue madonna features his stratospheric vogel range along with some guests singing by lana del rey and the same delightfully off kilter pop sensibility but defined his smash hit electric love a couple years ago prince was a fan of that's on we talk about bornes childhood ambitions including a career he invented called skateboard medic and his carefully curated sense of fashion whether it's a tied up prop topped with floral patterning or a fullbody lease turtlenecked with an impeccably taylor gucci suit over top foreign stresses with purpose i hope it to stoke inspires you now sort of this freedom unjust that ruined becoming would have a of a party in your weird paliska weird okay spoiler alert for someone with such avantgarde presentation barnes is shockingly well adjusted turns out he had great supportive parents go figure before a conversation let's listen to a little bit of a song off born his latest album blue madonna this one's called aided heart she's not only with difficulty steering soon.

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