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There has been a deadly fire in prince George's county. This fire started around ten 30 last night at a home on Schultz road in Clinton, two people were taken to the hospital, a man was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of that fire is still under investigation. Is the sound of noisy leaf blowers disturbing your peace. Just try to record a story outside and get back to me on that one. Montgomery county could soon shut out the noise, the county is moving forward with banning gas leaf blowers. This is county council president Evan glass, the transportation and environment committee, which I chair. Unanimously approved a piece of legislation today that would ban combustion engine powered leaf blowers in an effort to reduce noise pollution. But glasses, it's not just about quieting things down. The bills also meant to look out for residents health and the environment, the full council will vote on the band next. I'm Peter M surley, and here are your top headlines from federal news network, GOP senator Joni Ernst is calling for a proposed rule to be rescinded. It would require federal contractors to report their greenhouse gas emission levels as well as their reduction targets to comply Ernst says the rule would cause small businesses more than a $100 million. The first year and $62 million a year after that. And Gina Ortiz Jones will step down on March 6th as under secretary of the air force for financial management, the Senate confirmed her to that position last July, Ortiz Jones manages an air force budget of a $194 billion. For more on these stories, go to federal news network dot com. 6 25 money news at 25 and 55, more than half of

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