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As well with them. You talked about kind of what the medical issue that was revealed after the fight has that been resolved. Are you comfortable medically going into this fight? Absolutely. You know, I'm definitely in a much better place physically. Now, you know, no more injuries. Thankfully, you know, coming into this fight, I believe I'm about like 90% in healthy. So, you know, and that is very high. It's a high ratio for me, especially. So you are going to see the magdalena type of performance mixed with the mason Menard performance mixed with so many other things that, you know, everyone is just going to it's just an eye candy performance that I'm really going to put out. You know, I'm performing at the end of the day. And I'm here to really show and let everyone know, you know, I am the guy, you know, I'm not someone that is just here for a moment. You know, I'm here to stay forever. And it's really just those things. The complications that I had, you know, it's great. It's great that we working on that now. And I know that a lot of it had to do because of the weight class. At one 35. I know that for a fact. And I'm just grateful now because I had to learn from that to not stay longer than I need to when my body's telling me it's time to move. So now it's just all about listening to my body and just moving forward from there. When you watched Devin Haney beat cam bosses, what went through your mind? I didn't watch the fact. I was actually in New York City during the time and I was writing a bike. I was writing one of those city bikes and especially music. Honestly, I kind of figured, I know that if I'm in the sport of boxing, then you got to know the business at a sport of boxing. And honestly, I already knew that haney was going to win. So there's no point in watching something that I'm either going to fall asleep watching, or just know that I already know the end result. So it's no point. I'd rather go and connect more with life, really. If Cambodia's one way or the other moves up to one 40, does a rematch interest you. Yeah, for sure, definitely. That's definitely something that will definitely come around, you know? And this time around, you know, I won't be the one to die and he'll be the one feeling that. So, you know, I look forward for him moving up to one 40. I think that Sony, that's the best shot that he really has, though, to stay to stay relevant because devaney is going to beat him again. And honestly, no one's going to care about kimbo since. So he's going to have to move up at one 40. And I'll gladly take that fight, you know? However, I'm focused on all these world title belts. So in the meantime, just focusing on my main goal right now, looking great, August 13th, and then we go from there. I spent some time Tao around Virgil Ortiz last week. And he had a rough year kind of as well. A lot of critics, a lot of doubters after he pulled out of that fight against Michael mckinson. And he said, it was a hard year for him and he used all that going into that fight he had this past weekend. Use the criticism. Do you kind of, does that fuel you going into a fight like this? No, it used to. It used to, I would say, it used to feel me. Now it's more so about just it feels, that doesn't feel me. What feels me is knowing that I am that I am I am who I always said I am. And honestly is the best entertain fight in the game, you know? And I think that's just really what fuels me more than ever. You know, just basically putting on for God, you know, representing him mainly, you know, I'm a child of God and I just focus on just performing at my best just so that he could see that. You know, you know, after my fight, I'm just gonna grant him and thank him for everything that he has done in my life. And hopefully, you know, it could tap into all those kids around the world. You know, put some light in everybody and just move forward. You and your father have had a lot of success together as fighter and trainer. But when things go wrong, people wonder, will the fighter make changes and changes usually means in the corner? Was there any thought in your mind about either bringing someone in to work with your father, replacing your father? What was your mindset there? No, no. It's a dynamic duo, man, to the wheels fall off, you know? Me and my father, I had so many. I mean, man, I had so many people call me and text me afterwards. I mean, people that smile in front of my father's face, you know, and give him a pat on the back and just say, hey, you should leave him and come to come to our side. You know, and I'm like, you know, I don't want to be rude and say that, I know everything 'cause I don't, you know, I still learn. I'm still learning to this day, you know? And that's the greatest thing that I could say about life and what I do with my craft, you know, my father daughter is the one that really, he knows me best. He's seen me at my worst. He's seen me at my best. You know, and he's going to be the one that definitely is going to tell me the things that I really need to focus on on how can I beat this guy? I trust him. I trust him with my life. And honestly, it's really just focusing, honestly, I didn't even want I didn't need or want a assistant coach for this fight. You know, we had talks of other people that wanted to come in and maybe do some collaborations with. That would have made probably, it would have caught more eyes. You know, however, I'm someone that is I'm loyal to the T, you know? And I just want everyone to see that. You know, my father didn't become trained out of the year just by just by luck. In 2020, you know, we beat the most decorated fighter pound for pound during that time facility lomachenko. That was from him. You know, he told me how the game plan had to go. So I just really want to give my father his flowers, especially for this fight. And that everyone let them be known, let it be known to everyone out there that that man is always going to be in my corner. And if anyone got something to say about it, you can meet me. meet me in that ring. Yeah, your father, I mean, it's what have you done for me lately, isn't it? I mean, your father is the guy that was guiding you through Richard Comey, through facility lomachenko, the best year of your professional career and now it's one loss and everybody's looking to he was like, I'll say this man, that's the problem with today's, I don't want to say with everything, but that's the problem with today's world. You know, just because you have one defeat, doesn't mean that you got to go and switch up, you know? Just because something goes wrong or whatever, it doesn't mean that you just got to forget where it started. You know, I think that's what people don't really tap into. I don't need to. And the thing is with all these other trainers, I'm sorry. They don't know shit about boxing. A majority of them. And if anything, they just want to they want to grasp onto me and say that they build something like that. You know, what better way, right, manage to try to train somebody else when they're coming back in a comeback. Fight, knowing the fight is determined to want to win this, right? And needing to win this. And then take credit for it. You know? Say that they made me and they did this. I'm not one to have that, you know? And I don't want to teach. I don't want to teach these coaches how I actually think and how I actually move. You know, if you're not on the same pace with me, you're wasting my time. And I see that with a lot of coaches. And what does a main ego coach do? They try to stimulate your style into their style. And what happens is that the whole time you're focusing on trying to perfect their style that you're not really thinking in the ring. And that's the thing that a lot of these fighters because they're not educated enough. They don't really tap into that. They're just like, okay, I got to go over here because I lost. No, you don't. You just got to go back to the drawing board and stay loyal to the team that started with you. No question. And look, you now in a position with top rank having a lot of those top fighters at a 140 pounds. You'll get that title shot very quickly. I'm assuming. I'm assuming I'm guessing that in those discussions with top rank, there are big opportunities immediately ahead of you. Absolutely, you know, I know that right now the vacant builds the vacant belts right now as somewhat, I guess already taken. So, you know, Josh Taylor is still talking about getting married and all this other stuff. I honestly, we can make that fight happen. You know, I try to make the fight happen with Taylor with Cadillac and stuff like that. However, as we can see, you know, I really don't have no say right now, you know, this was a top rank executive move. And it kind of makes me feel some type of way, but I understand, you know? I'm a fighter. So the day I die. And I'm someone that definitely loves to take every challenge and every fight. You know, and I don't know if I so, you know, but it kind of made me realize how do I how do I come back to take over and set the tone? Saturday night, August 13th against Pedro Campo is

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