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We've had a tragedy just a few weeks. Yeah he's line of thinking this. You know boxing changes no forgot. What's going on the minute? No this virus Bingo partner. Climate the pocket change quickly. That you talking eighteen minutes time or these phone we talked about. They could be champions challenge because one of one or two. Why would you expect one of these guys to be champion because these guys as you said you know the CIA is young no petition? He's not a young man anymore. Loans you got two full can keep making the weight books. It's funny though. Isn't it because you add Scott quick that list of recent sort of big names of retired? Futsi left a void in British boxing. I'm talking about is the better use the groves guy. Oh let's go to that now but actually what you're saying is eighteen months. Just gotTa stay patient with these. Get Coolum kids. Which is disrespectful but it cost a patient with them because actually in twelve to eighteen months time we could be really reaping the him just showing the Sunday called the Woodstock and tell them about it. Good kids yeah. He's yeah so really break saw the Manchester and I didn't know he was signing. We might treatment John Evans. He's a by sitting next to him and he said always Alpha salvage treatments that Hussy. Anita look to me to say. Oh you know you'll spice to know these things and the any kind of Russia them over magic chat in the soil. That's great sonning because a guide eastern not saved Jimmy author. Pirates is on call is a good story and he could really fight under any tickets to theft defeats. He had been so much so much. Better Young Me. You can upset anyone on any days. Each class steam so happened clock was really good. I feel sorry for him. His career is just really being pulled back for no reason at all just couldn't get a fight blessed and then he injured when it mattered. Yeah but I was just. She's not David that they dealt pilot was signed crease. Revoked just signed on catchy nineties. The an initiate feels like Paul South America right thought the January transfer window for press releases. And as I've done that there is one out now with so it's a Finnish on a negative but Press release from matching boxing match during boxing postponed event please by all events in March and April following advice from the government and the boxing board of control relate to Cova nineteen matching. Boxing postponed all events taking place in March and April. That does include Avanessian Kelly Richardson Miguel Vasquez and Terry. Hop on the TASHA. Join US on April twenty four so all three of those have been pokes fun clarity with that now at least for the last few days. Let's Friday we're at the press conference said as we're saying earlier it was in the previous caller twelve hours almost that it had really started to escalate. And we're all speculating. Maybe we could get. The golden contract fell next week because the happy with behind closed doors and after that she'd Kelly difficult to that one. How long it's GonNa last. Nobody knows at least now with the bay. Sorry could have an initial talk job in a chocolate factory food camp for their one fight. Yeah I wonder if that's going to go in the list of flights it never happened. Another one actually is supposed to help them. Friday Philip Bowes Against Brown as well books at the end of November an Philip absolute problem with his urine test came really light so fico cooled on the day of the fight is still going to Mickey Halley. It's about it the other day and he manages somehow of a kind of fairly balanced sense of humor about it and we'll show how because it was a show a a Nice post-abacha Friday and now that all at back again. Yeah well thank you for both of you for coming down it's Day Again we should reiterate lot more to life than sport and we all just talking about it trying to stay positive and don't want to think people like people think we're coming off. Insensitive is a serious issue. Stay safe follow. The government guidelines were his box and so we have done. Thank you both for coming. Down Berry. Jones Andy Clarke. Make sure you subscribe. Leave some feedback on itunes and we will be back next week definitely next week. We'll be back in some forms. I'm looking at produce in some form of very even. If it's my friends we will be back next week so you make sure you join us then and as. I said stay save them..

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