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Freeway check, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the bias. Let's go to Barbara still slick on our freeways, we've got a new spin out in Carson Ninety-one westbound at Avalon facing sideways in the two left lanes outs are gonna cause she some sudden slowing in south LA pickup truck facing the wrong way off to the right shoulder. One ten southbound for gauge after spinning out still a little busy on the one ten northbound in downtown ninth street to the one one following the Lakers win ten eastbound before maple except that cleared a stalled car out of the left lane. That's got you busy starting just before the one ten and on the one ten southbound avenue sixty off ramp in Highland Park. A crash over to the right shoulder waiting for a little help from the highway patrol Sigler. The Newhall pass has the truck route shut down on the five southbound for the fourteen as they work on a big rig crash watch out for a little slowing through there in the main lanes, not too bad. But you need to watch out for the work going on through the area and cruiser at Kostanic on the five northbound between Housley canyon lake used you'll find not only the two right lanes closed Leakey's offer. Shut down as well. Until tomorrow morning. Still have a Sigler in Glendora to ten westbound past the fifty seven two right lanes taken away along with a connector from the fifty seven to ten westbound as they work on a big rig that went over the side. A if you're on the fifty seven northbound, you'll be detoured to the to ten eastbound you can turn around at San demus avenue and in Long Beach four or five northbound Lakewood offramp box truck's sticking out into the right lane. We've got problems in the badlands. If you're on the sixty westbound for Gilman springs, only, one lane open, it's jammed stick with the ten instead your next report at ten fifty five. I'm Barbara Brooks..

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