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My exclusive five day forecast Thursday and Friday a mix of clouds and sun highs Thursday sixty eight Friday seventy two lows forty five to fifty to recover the forecast for today a mix of clouds and sun highs seventy two to seventy five right now sixty two I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five W. space at six nineteen what's going on in the morning drive now WSP sky copter expert okay here there are both rolling in from the northwest will clear on seventy five at five seventy five north east Parker delay free and a good eye candy treacherous scooter and three C. said no issues had between three sixteen two eighty five all the way to midtown Ashley Frasca four hundred smooth sailing on four hundred south between north point mall and Lenox square mall if you're traveling to Buckhead traffic brought you by the Georgia lottery download the free Georgia lottery mobile app for a chance to win millions with the new app you can play online check one numbers and scan your tickets the new Georgia lottery mobile app triple team traffic ninety five point five WSP sort of feature that altered store hours this morning Kroger pharmacies they say will not be opening at eight AM for seniors Kroger stores eight AM to nine PM they do have senior shopping hours from seven AM to eight PM at Kroger Walmart opens at seven AM today Publix ATM to eight PM on the senior shopping our tomorrow at seven target stores eight AM to nine PM and cosco has announced that they'll be closing earlier during the week ten AM to six thirty PM regular hours on the weekends there's much more to come in Atlanta's morning unilateral into emergency room doctor is doing to keep himself and his staff safe from covert nineteen I. WSP singer Parrish encourages you could take advantage of the struggling stock market before six thirty WSBT news time is six twenty in the blink of an eye our lives have changed whether it's personal health public safety economic security they're all in question right now being informed is your greatest weapon twenty four hours a day we're going to give you the top stories at the top and bottom of every hour interrupt programming any time news breaks we're stronger together Atlanta ninety five point five WSP this is Scott slate looking over treasure trove of information from wellstar health system on wellstar dot orgy they've got a team of twenty five thousand experts helping Georgia fight cope with nineteen valuable information like this cough shortness of breath in fever are the most common reported sept remember eighty percent of us get over the nineteen inspection will not.

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