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In rhode island on the verge of wiping away some outdated state laws that worked against getting a legal abortion this year's bill would eliminate provisions which abortion rights advocates fear could come back into force at the supreme court ever overturned roe v wade which gave women the right to choose to have an abortion recoing had an uphill battle in rhode island because you were catholic state but i believe we have enough votes in the community yeah i think we have the votes to pass the gop sponsor ease the jello says the rhode island laws would make a woman get her husband's okay for an abortion and say insurance couldn't cover the procedure without a specific rider they also say life begins at conception and makes abortion a felony the executive director of rhode island's right to life committee says ajello's bill would make the state a haven for abortionists in boston bill marcus fox news archaeologists in egypt's finding more than four thousand year old tune that house an ancient royal families at a big fine absolutely these don't happen very often and some of the most interesting finds right now aren't pyramids but these tombs that are actually in the sand in egypt that said and the archeologist weren't hiding this uh you know they're hoping that the egyptian tourist tourism industry which isn't doing very well right now we'll be helped by this fine and all the press that it's going to get brian shields fox news if you're looking for something else after the super bowl try netflixing during the game the streaming service announced they'd be dropping a new cloverfield film first in the side by thriller series debuted a decade ago was a surprise it and kelly jenner was indeed pregnant she just had a baby girl the entertainment world speculated for months about the reality tv star as possible pregnancy well that was true jenner posted on instagram about it it's the first child for the 20yearold and her partner as well 25 bureau rapper travis scott i'm kim duffy fox news radio from the accurate weather center year talk radio fifteen ten wctc forecast scott.

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