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Laker, then Ervin Johnson we are deeply grateful to magic for all the done for our franchise player an ambassador and as an executor executive as we begin the process of moving forward. The statement went on to say we will work at a measured methodical fashion to make the right moves for the future of our organization like ours. Sending quite a bit of love towards magic Tuesday publicly. But was there a division behind closed doors? What a bit of speculation as to what would be happening with Luke Walton non Thursday. You heard our Rachel Nichols discuss that with magic. In telling reporters that he was quitting. Magic didn't directly tie his decision to Luke Walton future future widely expected to be fired. But Johnson repeatedly mentioned that genie busts had an affinity for Walton and Johnson mentioned his desire not to cause people between the two of them. Then there's the announcement thing magic saying he didn't tell Jimmy bus, rob Pelinka. You heard him say he couldn't tell Jeanie Buss face to face as she might talk him into staying ESPN insider Adrian was rescue. He clearly alluded to the fact that he wanted to fire Luke Walton she didn't want him to be fired that was going to be difficult for her and she had given him the ability to do that. And he stopped short of doing it. Luke wall in that coaching staff expected to be fired either tonight or tomorrow after this game. And we'll see what happens there. Rob Pelinka remains the general manager for how long and. Here's the things open. The Lakers have the ability to go out and get almost any topic Zecchini in the NBA to come work for them. And it remains, you know, the franchise in the Lee. People believe they could win there. And it's a stage on which. You know, it's a stage on which you you're able to recruit free agents you're able to really sustained success and they've never run a real search for gentleman in the last decade fifteen years they've not had to do that or not wanted to do that. But they could go out and get the best of the best. If that's what they choose to do. We'll see what Jeanie Buss decides here back to Pelinka for a second in his comments. Magic said I want to thank gene. I wanna thank Jesse and Joey the bus children who are now in scouting. He wanted to take the media pointed out our Rachel Nichols and Ramona Shelburne, and he went to all of that. And never said he wanted to think rob Pelinka. What do you make of that? I I don't know what to read into it Zubin. I mean, he he sometimes you forget names. I don't know if that had a greater meeting there. They've been pretty rock-solid together. You know since they've been there. Listen this job is hard. Magic Johnson found out how hard it is. And he was not putting in the time that you know, other other executives that he's competing against across town with the clippers. You know, you know, up in the bay with Bob Myers, Golden State, or are you pretty San Antonio. Magic Johnson is not put the hours into this job. He would be gone for stretches. He would not be in the office. He was not out. Scouting a great deal. He had other businesses that he attended to. And this is a full time around the clock job ma-. Magic didn't pursue it that way, and it wasn't enough to just get LeBron James in free agency. And along the lines of the Brian. I was told that he Palanca met with the Brian and LeBron's agent Rich Paul and Saturday, they talked and there was no indication. I was told that magic was headed toward this kind of a bombshell. And he dropped that bombshell on Tuesday right before the Lakers game. The bombshell before he even told others within the organization. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio. Triple extra protection for optimal engine performance with shell v power nitro plus premium gasoline sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio on the court teams down one last playoff push for playoff spots playoff positioning..

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