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Also on the blaze. You can watch the whole thing on the blaze TV, just subscribe. The. It'll be interesting to see what Sean Spicer has to say about the caravans. And also what he has to say about the Jin Brabham that we have. The Jin promos of alcoholism. Why would he have any particular insight? Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, I see you're not willing to talk about the real issues. So let me just talk to the audience here on the real issues. We have a we have a Islamic cleric. Now who's come out and explained what's really going on? And can we play that audio please, Sarah? Say. Don't forget that there are other creations. Besides men men men who are going to look at you. But at the same time may fall in love with you. This is something very very common. I had a case where agent had possessed a sister. She was waiting at the bus stop and the Jin fell in love with her. She was walking through a park. Jin followed waiting at the bus stop and the Jin fell in love with any actually possessed. When they fall in love, the very very difficult to remove because they love is like almost a blind type of love is like I would rather die than need this individual of is like oxygen. That's what's happening here. That's the problem. So. This is you know, like a genie a genie. So if you don't wear your head scarf heads, scar Jeannie will fall in love with you can't get it out of your body. Well, what happens is they if you don't have a cloth cloth devices. He described it a cloth device covering your head the Jin can go right through your skull and just live in your brain. So but it can't get through cloth. No, no. Of course. Not. No. No. No. No. So he's recommending that women. You don't have to worry just about men you gotta cover yourself because Jin's are out there. And I don't know about you. But the Jin problem at my house been a problem for a long time. You almost never wear a headscarf. We'll know it's for ladies only. Okay. Yeah. For ladies only Tanya doesn't wear a head scarf. And I come home. I'm tired. I've worked on her day. Day, and I get home, and I'm like a fallen in love with you today. And she's like, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm like, you know, what I can I can send and then I have to get the of her. And then I do not do this at home. Please put it in a glass bottle. Not only a plastic bad for the environment. But also they burn right through those things. Really? Yeah. Yeah. So this isn't a an opportunity to control one of the two genders with no. This is no. Yes. Jin's genie's ghouls ghouls can do. This can do this to ghouls are really really very clever. They're very clever so goals might come through the head and fall in love with you. Well, genie's will. Jin's Jin's will fall in love with you. Jeans and goals. Do well genie's. I'm not really sure what a gene granted wishes that they're evil care. I don't know. I don't know if I ever see like a teapot. I don't rub. It to have the genie come out, which is strange because why he's trapped when there's an opening right there in the in the in the lantern there's an opening right there. Right. And I think I would make the same point with with cloth device. First of all cloth does not seem difficult to penetrate. But Secondly, there is an opening for the eyes. I mean, the the genie could just go go right through there to get into the head of the person right now, they don't I mean, just from a pragmatic, though, perspective you just go right through their gloves a full-body covering and then your head is wrapped. And you're just have the is now your is can be used to. Lura man, leaving just if the is if you look at a man, just right? You can say, you know, it's not like, you know, look how they're dressed. It's look how they were looking at me your honor. And so you can. You can be bewitched if you will by by women's I I think even this enlightened me to era, we can all come together and say if a woman looks at you, you know, what are you gonna do? Right. Exactly. Exactly. This is especially if she's been possessed by Jin. I mean, you know, this is the thing we were talking about this off the air a little bit because Donald Trump is the word nationalist yesterday talking about nationalism, and in the definition of nationalism in its history is at times, very disturbingly. However, I don't know. I'm sure that's not no one is citing the really bad examples of nationalism as as where we're trying to go if you're Donald Trump, you're not saying, oh, we want to be like those terrible countries. He seems to be referring to it. As like, look, we're the best country and we should attic. And we have the best culture. And and we should be. You know, patriotic. And and be sure excited about that. When you talk like this that when you when you play a clip like that, it's hard to kinda argue that we don't have a superior culture and a lot of ways, you know? I like I kinda love. Only saying that because you've probably been possessed by Jin or Google this is the Jim talk. And now, it's a different kind of gin. That's with times I've had a lot of of Jin talk before in my life. I gotta say it's trouble. Yeah. Can't get you into job leave it in the bottle as a man. Sixty shots of beer on a program recently alive on the air. It could be an issue. But I think I'm okay saying that a culture that embraces women as equals is superior to a culture that that puts them we won't let them drive and forces them to dress a specific way that you can even see their face like that. I mean. Culture. But this is all just social constructs. It may be just a good social sometimes things are building their good. No good piece.

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