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Watch what was magnum pi yeah watch magnum pi idiot yediot get back to movies give mook so eighty do after he said i'll take your advice i'll get back to movies serious film yes color purple as a serious film yeah i've never seen it i've seen bits of it on hbo i'm realizing now i maybe have never seen a full steve spill wow guess what guess what do field spielberg does after this he gets a lot of acclaim for this wow he's not just about a solis blockbusters right he and do the heart wrenching stuff he's like let me go back to amazing stories taking other crackup even you idiot now but that makes sense amazing stories as passionate he's like i get i get my clout backup i'll do like a real ward winning movie and then his story guess what they did a kick them in the ass so yes to make another serious movie empire of the sun starring christian bale the newsy boy yeah never seen empire of the sun oh newsy goes to war i think we're the newsies in war tapers about no they were actually war breaks out it was a war against the status quo man extra actor war breaks out against the status quo dance dance dance yeah there's a lot of dancing the newsstand man commanding all the news east dance dance dance it's tom yeah spielberg has cast numerous children to start as films and years playing child role yeah sometimes he'll stack them up in a trenchcoat and put some makeup on them so they he'll call stan winston look i got a real big problem lost tom hanks for this is by three kids can you come down here and help me with some perspex on some old man makeup but also some arm extenders handling like extent.

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