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If you were in a room and everything with the painting on the wall, the floor as a tear, everything was Kurkin, but you were told to stand up straight. What would happen in the study, most of the people reported themselves as being straight when they were really actually bent over at about thirty five to forty five degree angle, and the lesson being that when everything around you as crooked, there is no way for you to stand up straight without feeling crazy right and so the wall of that crooked room. Our stories are the lies that we believed about ourselves about our identity about work about. About the world and tearing down the walls. What I encourage people to do is start to tear down those stories of the walls that you've built up around your potential, and this goes for individuals. They're making career, life changes, or also. I do a lot of work in the social impact sector speaks to that as well. I'm of the belief that we have about how the world has to work, and how politics has to operate. What is the process by which we can tear down some of those walls to actually get free and live a liberated life and one that is directed more by values and principles, then by the stories that we've always been taught this internal work that you're talking about and that you advise people start with. How does one do that? You're talking about changing perspectives right whether it be tearing down a wall. Wall or starting from? That's really hard, and it's especially hard to do in isolation. So are there things you suggest to people on how to get started on that kind of work? Absolutely, if I had to give one kind of low hanging fruit cat, the first thing that you can do any day, no matter where you are. And what are your weather? Even if you're by, yourself, can quarantine right, I. Pay attention what.

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