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Because a lot of college game is being implemented into the pros. So that's why these guys feel a lot of pressure to play these guys early. There were financial ramifications as well. It's so valuable to have a quarterback on a rookie contract. You want to take advantage of that whenever you can. There are a lot of forces at play here. But at the end of the day. Louis riddick and you. And i were sitting next to each other at the draft and we talked about it then. You don't draft a quarterback in the first round for the first fifteen minutes you draft him for the next fifteen years and whatever is it the best interest of maximizing that is what they should be doing no doubt about that and i'll say this look at the urban meyer. We talked to him before we did there monday night. Preseason game down in new orleans against the new orleans saints said something that really has resonated with me in this stuck with me. Because i've seen this happen. He said look all the positions and football all the positions in football. You can have you know a lot of pitfalls early on in your career and then wind up recovering those players. You know as a coach and the players can recover themselves from having had some adversity early on and then go on to have great careers the one position. He says he's very scared of of that. Being the opposite is quarterback if you lose them early and they lose their confidence early he believes that it's almost impossible to recover on the back side of that and rehabilitate them and he doesn't want that to happen to trevor lawrence. That's exactly what matt nagy is trying to prevent from happening to justin fields. All right fascinating. Thought and i have a quarterback ready to go to comment on it. Let me leave this here. For the moment the season starts tonight and our next guest is ready to go. Hey get complacent you know. We won't last year. today starts season. I can see. Tom brady having another big season a better season than he did last year. He still great is one of the best three quarterbacks the games even age and no i don't see signs of slowing down actually with a skill and i got a quarterback they should win the ansi nieces touchdown tampa bay. Tom brady tampa great atmosphere..

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